Issue country specific cards

While EU regulation over time will reduce the need, it is still a problem not to have locally issued cards. In Norway i’ve encounter several online store and services (not just content) not accepting non-Norwegian/Nordic cards.

Revolut issues country (based on users residence) specific MasterCards and this is very useful.

No, revolut does not issue country specific cards, I wish they did so. Unless something changed during the last couple of weeks, all their cards are UK issued, except for metal cards, which are French.

They do have a plan to locally issue cards in some countries, tough its only in Spain so far

I have a Metal card which is accepted in places that accepts only Norwegian cards, places that don’t accept Curve Black. The same places did not accept my old Revolut Premium.

Not sure if that makes the card country specific, but it seems to solve the problem.

Your problem seems to be one of merchants not accepting prepaid cards, which the premium cards are. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with country. I’m fact, a merchant can refuse cards based on card type (debit, prepaid, etc), but they can’t just refuse to take foreign cards

That is a good point and agree that might be the real reason for Curve being declined sometimes (3ds being another). However, several of these places state they only accept Norwegian/Nordic cards, and the reason given for Apple to decline Curve was that it didn’t match my account location (but Revolut Metal was accepted).

They aren’t allowed to refuse foreign cards, they can however decline based on cardholder address, so it’s probably that you need to have a Norwegian address in the card’s chip. There’s some discussion that Revolut got better with that as they used to just leave the information blank or write their HQ address

The address isn’t stored on the chip. While merchants aren’t supposed to decline foreign cards, it does happen. I’m not overly familiar with Norway’s payment system but it may be they have a domestic debit card network and that some merchants only accept that domestic card.

I know the address isn’t technically speaking stored on chip, but some kind of AVS check may occur. As for the options you presented, none seems likely. Given that a different revolut card works and revolut doesn’t issue cards as being from any of the Nordic countries, a blanket refusal of foreign cards isn’t likely to be the issue and the acceptance of only a card scheme other than MC/Visa doesn’t seem to be the case either

Revolut do if you are based in the Member State, I’m in NL and have a Revolut Maestro Card, this isn’t a Premium Card, so is available to all once your account is correctly setup for the relevant Member State.

It’s a similar thing in NL, unless you have a Maestro card you can only use your card in some places.

This is not about the card scheme (maestro, MasterCard, etc.), it’s about the country of origin the card, which is currently France for the metal cards and UK for everything else. Revolut doesn’t issue cards as being from NL

No, but their Maestro card hssn’t Been turned down anywhere in NL yet, whereas the Curve card can go days without being used.

You’re talking about a different thing, which is maestro vs MasterCard acceptance. The issue here is cards being refused due to their country of origin, so if you have a Norwegian MasterCard, it supposedly can be accepted while a similar MasterCard from Spain would not be

Hmm, so they use the card number range, which shows the Country of issue, as a block then?
I guess as Norway isn’t an EU MS then they can do what they like. I’m not sure how Curve can overcome this if it isn’t a type of card, I.e Maestro, problem but a Country of issue problem.

Actually as I mentioned in previous comments here, I don’t believe that is an actual issue. I’d say the issue the OP is facing is “prepaid” cards like most of the older revolut ones not being accepted.

Norway is part of the EEA and has to follow the same rules as EU member states when it comes to payments

Thanks for troubleshooting this.

What I know is that Curve doesn’t work at Kolonial which states it only takes Nordic cards. I haven’t had the change to test Revolut yet.

Curve doesn’t work at Payr, but Revolut does. Payr say’s only Nordic cards.

Revolut works in Apple, but Curve is rejected with the error staying it is not a valid Norwegian card.

Note that Regulation (EU) 2018/302 (ban on geoblocking) still doesn’t apply in EEA.

I read somewhere that some of the digits in a MasterCard indicates country and Revolut card indicate a country, but I might have misunderstood.

The first 6 digits of the card (BIN) indicate the issuer, not the “home country” of the card. The ban on geoblocking is more geared towards digital content and doesn’t matter here. What matters is directive 2007/64 which says all intra EEA payments are to be classified as “national” payments, which means there can be no distinction or favour towards Norwegian cards. All EEA issued cards have to be treated in the exact same way as a Norwegian card would

Well if PSD/PSD2 bans Norwegian merchants from only accepting cards from certain countries, someone forgot to tell them.

Like @chrisljo I would love to use Curve with as well, but no dice. They only accept Nordic cards.

There are endless other examples as well, from purchasing tickets in public transportation apps, to topping up your mobile phone…

When it comes to Revolut Metal, it’s actually also a prepaid card (not proper debit, like the new Curve cards). At least mine is, according to Stripe.

This is true (there’s the BankAxept system), but this is unrelated to the merchants @chrisljo mentions. They are online merchants relying on the VISA/MC networks.

Are you saying you were able to add it to Payr? That doesn’t work for me with my non-Norwegian Revolut Metal card, so maybe there’s some merit to your theory of it being issued in Norway. It seems Revolut has started issuing cards with different MC “account ranges” for each country (the numbers after the 6-digit BIN), which is probably why it works.

It would be nice if Curve would do the same. Using Curve with Payr would be killer.

Yes, I was able to my metal Revolut to Payr, after seeing others report success. I have one transaction as well. I tried adding virtual and premium but that failed. My first digits are 527346 and the card came from the “second” batch of Metal cards (August I think).

I thought content was actually the only industry to be excluded from 2018/302 (to be re-visited later), but all other forms of geoblocking (except limiting delivery area) was illegal?