Issue country specific cards

Mine is 5375 9005. Metal Card in Germany, received in March. Can not be added to a german Apple count because it’s from the wrong country.

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That’s a UK bin. When did you get that?

I ordered it on March 11th.

I also received a 5375 9005 BIN metal card in Norway today (12/05/20). This card was ordered as an upgrade from Black a couple of weeks ago.

Card is being rejected in iTunes / App Store, and offering GBP conversation as per default on local ATMs.

Article 5(1) of Regulation (EU) 2018/302, which took effect on 3rd December 2018, states:

A trader shall not, within the range of means of payment accepted by the trader, apply, for reasons related to a customer’s nationality, place of residence or place of establishment, the location of the payment account, the place of establishment of the payment service provider or the place of issue of the payment instrument within the Union, different conditions for a payment transaction.

This applies throughout the European Economic Area and United Kingdom. If a merchant refuses your Curve card, then you should complain to the merchant about its breach of the regulation, and subsequently to the relevant national regulator, instead of asking Curve to implement a workaround to the merchant’s breach.

If you read the legislation using the above link, you will find it in every EU language, in order to quote to the merchant (and regulator).


How does the cards with different country BIN numbers work with DCC in shops when paying? If you have a German BIN, is it recognized as a EUR card, or is it possible that the POS will ask for DCC?

A merchant or acquirer cannot identify the currency of a card, only its country of issue (from the BIN). When carrying out the disingenous practice of DCC, merchants and acquirers make a false assumption that the currency of a card is always the currency of the country of issue.

Since EUR first became a currency in 1999, I’ve had cards on EUR accounts issued in GBP jurisdictions, and I first experienced DCC in 2002 where this false assumption was made. Around 20 years later, with an increasing number of cards with currencies not matching the currency of the country of issue, DCC has still not been outlawed and is only getting worse.

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But how is it with Curve cards, like a Curve card with German BIN ? When the card is used in EUR country, is it possible that POS shows DCC, like when using a Curve card with UK BIN in EUR country?

@NFH Most Canadian banks/credit unions issue USD based cards directly from their Canadian side of the business (not their US arms) but manage to avoid DCC in the US. There is a special BIN list (by Visa/MC) for Canadian USD issued cards and merchant processors are not allowed to offer DCC on them in the US. I wonder why the same wasn’t done in Europe.

Although on a side note I have had the experience of using a Canadian card (demoninated in Canadian Dollars) in Spain and being offered DCC but the currency offered was in US dollars. Not really sure what happened there but even the cashier was confused.


mBank in Czech Republic is introducing possibility to block DCC and surcharge fees. May be this could be introduced by Curve too? :man_shrugging::crossed_fingers:

How does a card issuer block surcharges? How does the card issuer know what the transaction amount should be without fees?

I don’t know… :man_shrugging: But they announced it few days ago, see Czech->English auto-translation here, it’s one of the last red dots of the announcement.

Thanks for posting this! If it’s possible, I’d like to block DCC on all my cards, whether I use them through Curve or directly.

Please, add it as a topic we can vote for!

It’s already there:

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Thanks, poeliev! Ik ga meteen stemmen!

They probably decline card present transactions in the Czech koruna currency outside of the Czech Republic.

I don’t understand. How does that block surcharges? Your explanation applies to blocking DCC.

Regarding mBank in CZ: the transaction where DCC would be will be completely blocked. Same process for surchage fees for atm withdrawals.

So, it is not dcc block, but wgole transaction will not be processed, if you select so in mBank mobile app

Can you get a card with DK bin?
To use it on

You’ll now receive country-specific cards :smiley: :credit_card: All cards, including curve metal, will have a country-specific sub-BIN