Issue country specific cards

Perhaps you’re right in theory (I am not qualified to judge that), but in practice you’re not.

I just talked with Revolut’s support and changed my account to a Norwegian one. Then I ordered a new Premium card (I can’t have more than one Metal card), and it worked when I added it to Payr. My Metal card which was issued when my Revolut was “Portuguese” did not work, even though the BIN is the same as the new Premium card.

The two digits following the BIN, are different however, which apparently identify the account range associated with each country. Which is likely why it works.

Again, if Curve could do the same, that would be killer.

Revolut has intended for quite some time to issue country specific cards. If they’re already doing so, then that’s news. Didn’t your “Portuguese” card always ask you for DCC in Portugal? Mine does, both a premium as well as a standard one

So, I now can confirm that Revolut works in while Curve does not.

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That’s most likely because curve has no 3ds, which some online merchants require

I thought Revolut didn’t have 3DS either?

It indeed doesn’t, however I’ve found a lot of merchants will refuse curve due to 3ds errors while revolut will work. Maybe revolut automatically accepts 3ds requests? Honestly I don’t know the details of how 3ds works, what I can say is that curve gets rejected due to 3ds fails while revolut gets accepted in a lot of the same merchants

There are at least a couple of threads in the Revolut community discussing it. It seems they have been doing so since the launch of the Metal card, so if your Premium card was issued before ~Aug 2018 then it makes sense that you get DCC in Portugal. I never actually use my Revolut card in stores/ATMs (I use Curve or sometimes my Chase card), so not sure if the Metal card results in DCC in Portugal. But I can give it a try and report back.

Since specifically only allow Nordic cards, it’s more likely to be due to the Revolut card being issued as Norwegian. See my comment above regarding my new “Norwegian” Revolut card also working with such services (i.e. Payr).

Can you please point me to the threads discussing it? It may be that they were closed due to revolut’s heavy handed forum censorship?

What I can gather is that Metal cards are issued as french while all other cards continue to be UK issued. I asked revolut support in app chat and their answer was even worse, they said all cards are currently UK issued, which doesn’t seem to be true for the metal card

At least there’s positive news in that they’re working to permanently disable DCC

See the comments further down in the thread as well, with data points from others than OP.

Their support told me that the cards are being “issued locally based on your profile address — not the delivery”, so strange that they told you otherwise. At least if you asked them recently.

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Thanks. I did ask them today, it fits my experience with any cs. The amount of times you ask them something is the amount of different answers you get

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UK BIN: 5375 9000
DE BIN: 5375 9020
PL BIN: 5375 9083
IT BIN: 5375 9064

Have you seen any other BINs from Curve? (Business/commerial cards don’t count.)

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My card has the BIN 5539 6339, which a BIN lookup tells me it’s from Spain. That is indeed my country, so Curve may be already doing this.

Mine still is UK BIN which caused problem at least 1 time as un-needed double DCC ocured when I was not attentive in foreign country. My local currency is not gbp, but merchant automatically assumed it is.

When did Curve send you that card?

At the start of this month. I received it the 15th April.

Mine - received in February - is 5375 9000 …
My partner’s - received yesterday - is 5375 9100 …

Both were requested from and sent to Hungary.

Your partner got a business/commercial/corporate card what is going to mean some additional charges at some merchants. You should ask for a replacement.

Mine is 5375 9005. Metal Card in Germany, received in March. Can not be added to a german Apple count because it’s from the wrong country.

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That’s a UK bin. When did you get that?

I ordered it on March 11th.