Issue using Curve card through Apple Pay

Dear all,
it’s a month i’m using my Curve card and i have to say it’s becoming quite hard for me…each time i get an error and it’s also embarrassing.
Both my Visa and my Mastercard linked to curve (one as backup) are working perfectly…
I was planning to upgrade to Metal but i guess i hold on to my Amex…

Hey there,

Often card declines can happen when your banks anti-fraud measurements kicks in or your credit limit is reached or you dont have the funds for the transaction.

You can ask the Curve Support for more details why transactions are failing, you can select a backup card in your settings which will be charged when the currently selected card fails.

Hey there,
thank you for your reply.
The cards linked to Curve are working fine (used right after to pay and everything went smooth).
I had also the anti-embarrassment mode on (clearly not useful)…
From the support they told me it’s a known bug… " We’ve identified a bug that caused some payment issues when you used your Curve Card on Apple Pay before you activated your new Curve Card".
I did that (remove my Curve from Apple Pay) but sometimes i still get the error…very strange…

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Did you add the Curve virtual card first then later got a physical card? Both Curve Physical and virtual cards have same long number but different expiry and CVV. You may need to remove the Curve virtual card from Apple pay and add details of Curve Physical card. This may be the cause of the problem.
You can also try doing a chip and PIN transaction with Curve first.

Thank you!
I just received today my physical card.
Fist i delete Curve Card from my apple Wallet, than i activated the new card and i added it to my Apple Wallet…
Hope this time will work…asap I ll have the chance to test it out and let you know!
Thank you for the support!!

I guess it will. It affected me twice, even when adding other virtual cards.

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