Issue where old card details with Google Pay terminated at point new card issued before arrives

Issue: (one-sentence summary) Google Pay card cut off even before card expired, before new card has arrived and yet the old physical card still works, just cut off in Google Pay.

How to reproduce it: Use Curve with Google Pay. Wait until your card is about to expire and see what happens.

OS: Android

Device: N/A

App version: n/a

Screenshot: n/a

This issue affected me a few months ago. It also affected a family member a month later.

I am not sure if it has been fixed. My current Curve card expires 09/24, so I am hoping that posting this here should give you nearly 3 years to fix this, which will be quicker than waiting for CS to reply.

I had Google Pay summarily cut off. Had to figure it out myself. Forced to update with new card details from the app for a card that had not arrived in the post yet to continue using Google Pay. As soon as card arrived and was activated the expiry changed again so had to repeat the process with Google Pay as it was cut off again. Totally absurd, as all along the old card was still in date. Next time I expect the old card not to be cut off before the new one has arrived and enjoy a civilised and normal transition without facing multiple declines out shopping.

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I believe this happened to us.

Once our new card was issued. Google Pay stopped working.

Couldn’t make virtual card contactless in Google Pay, but didn’t want to activate new card until arrived.

Took 2 weeks for new card to arrive! (in the UK). Activated, expiry changed, new card could be made contactless.

The new card (after old expires) experience with Curve isn’t nice for the end user. It should be pretty seamless, it certainly is not.

Same thing seems to have happened to me with Apple Pay… my new card has been issued (but not received as yet, due monday apparently) and for the past few days it has been declined (although not every time but most of the time). Hoping it’s the same issue and is resolved when the new card comes. If not, my time with curve maybe coming to an end as I’m now feeling the need to add other cards to apple pay and potentially always carry a physical card as well. (which I do when I’ve got “planned spend” but not for ad-hoc purchases…)

Confirming I had the exact same issue, I notified support about it when it happened and I like you was able to recreate the problem a few times to confirm. Unfortunatley support never responded, this was for me about 4 or so months ago. Google Pay / Android user here.

I should also add that it broke recurring subscriptions I had with Google as well, e.g. from the play store, which relies on which also drives Google Pay in the backend

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