Issue with airline authorised payment

Hi, having a bit of a meltdown after having extra charges taken for a British Airways flight. The full amount was taken as an authorisation on 30th March from a Debit card, then a transaction for half of this shows on the same day. 12 days later the other half has come off my backup card on Curve which is a credit card due to insufficient funds on the debit card (as the original amount was already deducted). Curve have provided a RRN (Retrieval Reference Number) which they say the card issuer can use to find and release the authorisation, but have said neither of the payments are authorisations and no balance is there to be credited. So effectively I have paid 150% for the flights. I read another post where the person solved this with Go Back In Time however I am wary of getting an additional card involved as it’s already a 4 way mess with Curve, Crypto, Barclays and British Airways. Has anyone got any advice for a similar situation?

When you buy 2 tickets from airlines, they always take the full amount (=2 tickets) as 1 charge, then later submit an offline transaction for only the 2nd ticket (so half amount) and covert the original full amount transaction into half the amount for the 1st ticket.
Very bad business practice, but thats what they do.
Problem is its not reflected correctly in the curve app, try to click on ‘send me the receipt by email’ and see if its lower (=half) than the total original amount.

I still think this is a similar situation that happens with card pay at pump transactions.
They have problems handling such transactions.

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Thanks for the comments, the email receipt has the amount for the full transaction, I’ve definitely been over-charged by 50% in terms of cash leaving my account. It’s just such a battle as Curve support are unresponsive and support seem to have very little knowledge of their systems