Issue with go back in time after failed attempt

I tried to use go back in time for 2 transactions and the card issuer blocked them. I solved it with the issuer, but now the transactions show as DECLINED on the app on the card I made the transactions from even though they went through… Apparently this decline is about the go back in time and not the actual transaction, which is very strange. This results on me not being able to use go back in time anymore as that option is not available on a declined transaction. I tried to reach out to support but they do not understand the issue.

Any ideas?

Hey there, thanks for flagging this with us! I’ve checked this and can see that our engineers are aware of the issue and are looking into it at the moment.

Thanks Hannah. Could you guys extend the go back in time deadline once this is corrected? 14 days are almost gone.

Hey, you’ll be able to Go Back in Time up to 90 days after a transaction is made. If you’re unable to once this issue is fixed just drop a message to our support team and they can sort it for you!

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Update: Looks like this is a known issue: GBIT declined => Transaction tagged declined

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