Issue with Insurance Documents

I’ve noticed an issue in the app with the insurance documents. All 3 pages (mobile, travel and car hire) have the same document attached (travel insurance).

Where are the documents for the other 2 insurances?

My policy number is also the same for all 3, should this not also be different?

Hey @djdj

Have you tried accessing the insurance documents here?

In there you’ll find the IPID (usually 1-2 page doc) and the Terms and Conditions - this one should have everything you need, including all the details about the insurance (including mobile, travel, car hire etc.).

I have just had a look but again, that contains only the travel insurance information. There is no mention of mobile or car hire insurance!!

Hello Declan @djdj,

I have checked the documents for you and i have found everything on the following pages:

  • Mobile Phone:
    Section L - Page 23

  • Car Rental Collision Damage Waiver:
    Section N - Page 25

The Benefit table is on page 3.

Brilliant. That’s the document I needed. Where abouts did you get this? I haven’t been sent this and there is no link to this anywhere

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It can be found on webpage linked by @jayeshr

Select your country, and there are two links, the 1st one links to the terms and conditions (2nd one to the IPID).

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It’s the Terms and Conditions listed on the link I sent earlier - I think I received this link when Curve first started providing insurance.
Also I’ve just checked the app and I think I see what you were talking about - you’re clicking on the insurance type (e.g. Travel insurance) and then clicking on ‘Product information’ - Which really just links you to the IPID file (there’s usually just 1 of these for your whole insurance)

However if you scroll down in the app you’ll see ‘Full coverage and limits’ which essentially opens the Terms and Conditions :slight_smile:

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