Issue with Klarna’s transaction


I use the Curve card on Klarna, but it does not make automatic payments for me but only if I go to make them manually…also encountered the following problem?

Klarna says my Curve Card is not active for online payments and

Curve support understands other instead of my problem.

Could be a BIN issue, what’s the end card? Klarna maybe just needs to update some bits. Does your end card see the transaction ie has it declined at the bank?

If it’s not visible there, it would likely be merchant acceptance, so the merchant updating their MasterCard and visa databases could likely resolve.

Actually I don’t get any notification from both Curve and the underlying card, and until a few months ago, my certain Curve was working on Klarna… But this is a problem with automatic payments… if I go to make the manual payment it works.

The two could be running two systems to process one or the other, if it’s not reaching Curve then it’s an issue with Klarna who needs to resolve.

Could be an issue they’re not aware of. Complain to Klarna as a regulated entity and they’ll need to respond formally, which would encourage an investigation.

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I contacted Klarna support, but there seems to be radio silence and a 140 minute wait in chat :joy:


Just go via their complaints route if you’re unhappy about it.

There is any email? :thinking:

It says to complain through the agents, but you should be able to complain elsewhere IE by email, or in writing.

Have a look online. I only find UK references as I’m UK based.

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Eee no fun :slightly_frowning_face: