Issue with the FX Weekend Fee remaining after using Go Back in Time to same currency card

A subscription that I have was charged during this weekend. It’s in EUR, but the current selected card was a GBP card that I have. I obviously got charged a FX fee because of the weekend rate.

But then I used Go Back In Time to change that purchase to my EUR card.

Everything went smoothly… no FX conversion required. However, when I open the EUR transaction on my EUR card, it still appears “Fee £xx | Fee applied for using FX at the weekend”

I’m not sure why this fee it’s still there. Does anyone know why it still appears and if it will disappear? After all, this is a euro purchase a euro card.

Thanks for helping.

If I remember correctly I had something similar in the past. The message about the FX fee being applied still showed on the ‘new’ card, but, at least in my case, the fee wasn’t actually applied. So for me it was only a display bug.
The message does/did not disappear.

Thanks for the quick reply. How can I verify if the same currency card was charged the fee? Check on the underlying card and to see if there’s a purchase with the exact value of the weekend fee value?

Check if on the underlying EUR card, the correct EUR subscription amount is taken. Let’s say the subscription amount is €50, if €50 is taken from the underlying card all went well. If for example €50,50 is taken, a fee is applied.

For me in the Curve app it looks like this:

From my underlying CZK card only 1000 CZK was taken, so no FX weekend fee was applied.

I see. On the new card, I can see right away that no fee was applied. ie. if the amount was 100€, I got charged only 100€.

On the GBP card, which was the previously selected card, I still can’t see anything, because they need like 1 week to show any movements on the home banking.

For what it’s worth for me, on the original card, the full original amount (so including the weekend fee) was refunded.

Just wanted to give you a follow-up. The full amount was refunded, including the FX weekend fee. However, it still appears whenever I click on the transaction (@ Curve’s App), but it’s just a bug.



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