Issue with verification through mobile number

Issues when attempting to verify through text message.

Earlier today I tried adding Garmin pay through curve, entered the correct bank details and triple checked my mobile number is correct within the App and wasn’t receiving the SMS message with the 4 digit code. So I left it for a little while and now when attempting to add my Curve account to Google Pay the same issue is occurring, wondering if this is happening with anyone else?


When I tried to add to Google Pay I wasn’t even offered the option, it just said to call Curve - I did so and support sorted it for me. Would suggest you give them a buzz (number on the back of the card) in normal working hours tomorrow.

Different threads on this issue.
The essence is, that instead of filling in Your ‘correct’ international phone number (leaving away the leading national 0) you should enter the number in the ‘incorrect’ form, in my case +31 (NL) 06 xxxxxxx instead of +31 6 xxxxxxx.
This works, I’ve been there.

I had my number without the 0 from the beginning and it has worked for me until today, when I try to add my curve card to Apple Pay on a second device. No sms received for at least an hour and multiple tries.
When I tried to remove the 0 from my phone number I was prompted to enter a verification code for the number change, supposedly sent to the new number, but it never arrived.
I think there’s a problem with Curve’s sms service.

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As ediflyer said above, either give curve a call on the number on the back of your card, or send an email!

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