Issues adding Chase credit card?

Anyone else having issues with chase? I’ve added Citi and Discover cards without an issue, but all my Chase credit cards are erroring (all Visas)

Only Visa debit cards are accepted right now.

Credit and debit cards on the Mastercard or Discover networks are accepted.

For what it’s worth, Diners Club International charge cards are also accepted (though these aren’t typically issued in the U.S., as DCI is a brand owned by Discover Financial Services, the parent company of Discover Bank).

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While we currently accept Visa® debit cards, we are working on a solution to support Visa credit cards, so please refrain from adding any Visa credit cards for the moment.


Seems strange (rushed) to launch in USA without fully accepting major network cards. It causes confusion to ppl.

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I’m sure there’s a valid reason for the delay, and that Curve US would’ve preferred to launch the card will all four networks (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) fully supported.

Given that Mastercard and Discover are here but only partial support for Visa is present, I get the feeling that some people at Visa may be reluctant to approve this card and are willing to test drive it with debit cards but not credit cards (for whatever reason).

Additionally, remember that this card is in beta, meaning it isn’t truly “launched” as you put it. It is merely available for certain people now so that feedback on the product can be gathered as Curve works to get the features it and everyone else desires online.

I didnt know it was still in beta for USA. Then OK.

Really hope that Visa credit cards work in the future. With not Amex either, having basically only Master wouldn’t be as useful.

Thanks all for the info

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If Curve would like people to upgrade to their higher tier cards in the US I think Visa credit card support has got to be pretty significant. I have a Visa credit card with Southwest mile rewards…would be nice to not carry that card and a few other Visa’s around.

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