Issues with email receipts

I’m not automatically getting email receipts for card with “Send Email Receipts” enabled.

When manually going to details for a transaction and selecting “Send Email Receipt”, I do get the email but it doesn’t say the amount anywhere in the message, making it useless as a receipt.

I’m on iOS, Curve app version 3.3.3

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Same situation here

Android curve app: 2.14.1

You gotta take a photo of receipt and add it to your transaction. It will then be attached with the email :+1:t4:

Oh. In that case the wording is really unfortunate. I might want to take a photo of my physical receipt, yes. But my and @nvk problem is that I need to get an email from curve that confirms my expense. In my case it’s for company expensing purpose. But since there is absolutely no mention about the amount I spent anywhere in the e-mail, that e-mail is completely useless to me.

I just tried again and the missing amount in the email receipt is now fixed for me - but I’m temporarily on an Android phone with local prepaid sim. Will check once I’m back on my usual iOS device.

I had more or less stopped using Curve for business expenses because of this issue.

Interesting. I get the payment amount above the “Your Receipt” section. You should email to get them to have a look as they should be able to fix it for you guys.

This is interesting. It works some of the time. Not all the time.

And when this works: