Issues with log in

I lost my phone 2 weeks ago, already reported. however to log into my curve app. to swap cards over or change them, i for now have to use a PC emulator called Bluestacks. curve app runs, it sends me the link to my email to log in. but doesn’t register the return after page loads. I get a “Not Found” error. is there a way u lot can have a look. I am acquiring a mobile mini phone/Smart watch. from China. not sure how it runs apps as it supports sim card as well. As for now can’t use my curve card as i need to change both cards registered. cheers

Hey @vjade392
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You will have to open your magic link (link to log in) directly on the mobile device you have installed the app on for it to verify your email and log you into the app successfully.

Once you get your new phone, let us know how you get on!

got myself an Android 8 Hawaii Honour S8 , had to format and now the Link don’t get sent to my account. I may have to cancel my cash card but until i can get access to the app properly, as i would need to remove cash card. then i can cancel my card and order a new one

could you lot send me a magic link to my email so i can run the app. or send me an install link for the curve card app from my device. cheers

Please contact support at or by DM on social media. We can not help you with that, we are Curve users just like you.

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