Issues with USA phone number

Evening- I use a USA phone number with a +1 prefix.i enter my 10 digit number but receive a message that you cannot send me a verification code.

Please advise how to add my phone number so I can activate my curve card.

Get an EU prepaid sim for 5 euros and you’re in business.

I now have a +46 swedish Skype number but curve still unable to verify/validate the number +46 46 288 xx xx

The Swedish number is not a mobile number. So probably that is the problem. Swedish mobile numbers start with 07.

In general, virtual numbers, even those supposed to be able to receive texts, are hit and miss for SMS verification. Save yourself the hassle and get a cheap prepaid sim with EU number, you can get one for 5 euros and keep it active by sending a text once a year or so.

Why do they care about the country my mobile is registered in in the first place? I always try to use my Google Voice number (+1) - it’s mine, forever,unlike mobile numbers that I tend to change. If SMS auth fails - it’s a sign that this company doesn’t really want my money.

Which one do you suggest as I prefer a virtual sim and text I can receive online. I don’t want to replace the sim card in my phone just to get this text

Sorry, can’t help you with that. I just keep an old secondary phone around in which I can stick whatever physical sim when needed. Low tech for sure but it always works :slightly_smiling_face:

Well if curve can’t send confirmations to UK or swedish sim or VoIP sms numbers for verification that is an issue.

If you don’t receive the confirmation on a (non-virtual) UK or Swedish (or any other supported country) SIM it is time to contact support (

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i have and via twitter, very slow response times

Did you get a response?