It seems there’s a bug in PayPal with Curve

I am buying some clothes on H&M and paying by PayPal with my Curve card.

Then the strange things happened:

  1. H&M said the payment was failed.
  2. I can’t find the transaction on PayPal.
  3. But Curve charged me, saying from PayPal.

So, what can I do? I can’t contact H&M or PayPal.

If you can’t see the transaction on the PayPal, it means they decided not to process it for some reason (antifraud) after pre-authorisation with Curve. Try to look into transaction details, in the “Go Back in Time” section - you probably will see notice that transaction is in a “pending” state…

Normally you should see Curve charge reverted in a few days, I suggest you to wait.

You may still want to contact PayPal, as your future transactions are very likely to fail for the same reason they decided to block that one.

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Thanks very much!

There is a message in the “go back in time” section which said the transaction is fully refunded so can’t go back.

This isn’t the first time I use curve with PayPal. It’s the first failed payment with PayPal. And neither Curve nor PayPal told me anything.

Hey @lgx if the transaction is showing as refunded in the app then it will appear on your bank statement in a few days. Our support team can take a look at your account and see why it declined if you get in touch with them.

I have a similar issue, 6 transactions totalling £781.05 Paypal pre-auth cancelled mid October as the orders were cancelled either by me or the vendor.
The vendor says no funds have been taken, Paypal agrees and yet Curve has taken the payments.
I have messaged in-app and through the web page and have heard nothing for 4 days now.
| find this unacceptable as a customer and intolerable as an investor.
Any comment Hannah?

Hey @rebelyon this can happen when the merchant cancels a transaction but doesn’t send a message to Curve to say it was cancelled.

This is because when you use your Curve card, we pre-auth and capture the amounts straight away. We then hold the amount for the merchant to capture within 14 days. When a refund is processed, we receive it as normal and return the funds. However, when a transaction is cancelled, the merchant often doesn’t inform Curve because they haven’t captured any funds at all, and they don’t realise that Curve has.

If the transactions aren’t captured by the merchant they should be automatically reversed after 14 days. Our team can speed up the process but they’re getting a lot of messages at the moment so they’re taking a bit longer to get back to everybody. I can assure you that they’ll be in touch as soon as they can.

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