It's time to stop using curve for me

Some weeks ago, I tried to pay my groceries and my card got declined 2 times through apple pay, third time it was successful with the physical card. Needless to say, I got charged 3 times. I contacted customer support, they were nice and helped me, but 3 weeks later I still see the 2 decline transaction charged in my bank account (on curve, one is present as declined one as charged…). CS says that they reversed the transaction and I have to contact my bank to reverse it.

Today I tried to pay through paypal, the transaction failed but again I got charged. All in all I’m about 45 euros short (luckily just that “small” amount…) but who knows, next time it can happen for a 1000 euros and I have to run for my money. Thanks but no thanks.

Curve states that these are very rare (and might be not on them…), but I read a lot of complaints from others with the same exact issue so it is clearly Curve’s fault. This is not a service that anyone would like to use.

Be careful using your curve card community…


I haven’t experienced similar.
Whenever something went wrong it was the vendor. It happened 3!! times with Argos. 1x on Curve and 2x directly on the credit card.
So that rules out that it is only to Curve.
Have some declines of Curve when I want to pay online in a foreign currency, but using the same Curve Card through Apple Pay for exact same transaction, has no issues. I think that is also an issue of the vendors payment provider.