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Please ask that why there is no specific BINs for all the other supported countries as well.

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The answer is obvious. Article 5(1) of Regulation (EU) 2018/302, as explained above, negates the need for an EEA-based card issuer to use separate BINs for residents of each country.

Unfortunately many retailers and service provides don’t know about that regulation. Apple is a prime example.

Revolut provides country specific BIN for every single country and thanks to this, you don’t have to pay attention to silly DCC in your home country at all.

Of course they know about it, but they choose to ignore it. The remedy is enforcement action by national regulators, rather than expecting compliant card issuers like Curve to go to the unnecessary expense and effort of using separate BINs for each country of residence.

If you want to save your customers from DCC and any other possible complications, you need to provide cards with local BIN. Does that mean serious expense for the issuer?

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A local BIN saves the card holder from DCC only when spending in his or her home currency. It doesn’t solve the wider problem when travelling. The solution to all of these problems is to enforce Regulation (EU) 2018/302 and for the EU to ban DCC across the EEA, for example, with legislation stating:

A trader shall not, when processing a card-based payment, vary the transaction currency for reasons related to the location of the payment account, the place of establishment of the payment service provider or the place of issue of the payment instrument.

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Same issue for me with my metal card from France! Already raised a case with support in the past however got the answer nothing possible to fix the problem as of now! We should be aware about this limitation before subscribing. It’s a bit of shame.
Thrn if you could find a solution it would be really appreciated :smile:

Hey guys, so apparently Apple / iTunes shouldn’t have a problem with UK issued cards but some merchants do reject non domestic BIN’s for risk reasons. I’ve flagged this with our team so they can look into it further but unfortunately I think it might take some time to fully investigate.

In regards to BINs, at the moment the only dedicated BINs we have are for Poland, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. All Metal Curve cards are issued in the UK but this is something that our team are working on for the future.


Meaning, can I get cashback in the danish iTunes or the danish AppleStore???

Hi @Hannah, if you offer dedicated BINs for Portugal, is it possible to send another Metal card out to me with the Portuguese BIN? At the moment I’m unable to use mine with Apple.

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@Hannah, this is simply not true. I have iTunes accounts in lots of countries, and cards with UK BINs (including Curve) are not accepted except in the iTunes UK app store. For example, very recently I tried to enter my Curve card number into my Brazilian iTunes account, and my iPhone rejected the card number as invalid for the app store (because it has a UK BIN). It also rejected every other card with BINs in various countries, except for a virtual card I have with a Brazilian BIN. I know we’re discussing intra-EEA usage here, but Apple applies the same BIN-blocking globally, both intra-EEA and non-EEA.

Just tried using my Metal card to pay for Spotify and that too doesn’t allow me to use it due to the card’s location. This is very disappointing.

Spotify accepts PayPal in some countries. PayPal often lets you add a card issued in a different country from the PayPal account’s country, although sometimes you have to try to add the card to your PayPal account multiple times before it is accepted.

The problem with using PayPal is that it then doesn’t work with cashback, both from Curve and from the underlying card which sees only a PayPal transaction.

You could save considerably more than the cashback by moving your Spotify account to a much cheaper country:

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Not sure how exactly you would do that but regardless, it’s not the cost that’s the issue but the inconvenience.

Using PayPal

And while you’re at it, change Netflix to Turkey as well :wink:

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If my understanding is correct they offer BIN with blue and black cards but not metal card which is a shame! Especially as when I upgraded from Blue to Metal, I didn’t have this information. Knowing that I wouldn’t change my subscription till they have a real « none-uk » solution. Very disappointed :frowning: