iTunes and App Store

Is there a place where we can sign up to receive information of when this is enabled? I’m thinking on switching to Metal and while I don’t think Spain has problems with cards issued from another country, you never know.

Dear Hannah,
unfortunately iTunes / Apple has a problem with my red Investor card - it does not accept it in the German store. It’s a pity, because my previous card was accepted.
Could you please check back again.
Thank s!
BR, Ralf

Hi Hannah,
unfortunately iTunes / Apple still has a problem with a UK-BIN - it is not accepted in the German store.


I think it’s due to the fact it tries to do an AVS check, if it doesn’t match the country it will reject it, it’s due to licensing etc

Do we have AVS(2) checks in Europe? I thought thats only a North American thing…
Never saw a payment decline online when entering a different billing address or ZIP code

Yeah we do, EE do it a lot when checking a contract applicant

Why not temporarily change the App Store to UK. Use curve to pay then change back to home location?

Hi guys, normally I can use my Apple Pay Cards for in-app purchases in Apple App-Store. But the Apple Pay Curve card it says its not available for InApp purchase and greyed out. How come? Why?

Which country’s app store?

The exemption for licensing under Regulation (EU) 2018/302 applies to audiovisual content, not to purchases of software (iOS apps). By applying blanket geoblocking to all digital content, including software, Apple blatantly breaches the regulation.