January Launch FAQs


I signed up to use my Amex with Curve, what can I do?

At Curve, we value you as our customer. If the current lack of Amex support is important to you and you want to cancel your subscription:

  • You have a 14-day “cooling-off” period as provided by law;
  • On top of this, Curve is giving you more time to decide: 14 extra days of cooling-off period. We want you to properly try Curve Metal, enjoy its many benefits and see how it looks in your wallet.

The above extension applies to both monthly and annual subscriptions. Please note that if your subscription is cancelled, your Curve Metal card will be blocked and no longer usable.

We thank you for being our customer and hope you enjoy your Curve Metal experience and decide to stick with it.

Black Cardholders can still be grandfathered. We will send you a reminder in due time before the trial period is completed.

Can I Go Back in Time with Amex?

You can Go Back in Time with your Visa and Mastercards. The feature is disabled for Amex for now, but will be added in the future.

Which cards can I add?

You can add all your UK issued Amex Consumer cards.

When will Amex support be available outside the UK?

As soon as possible! We want all of our customers to be able to add all their onto Curve, this naturally includes your Amex cards.

Do I get Amex rewards when topping up my Amex Wallet?

Yes, you do. Please note that this doesn’t apply to ‘Amex Offers’ or enhanced points rates (e.g using SPG Amex at Marriott hotels) as these rely on Amex being used directly with that retailer.

Is the Amex top up allowance limit (Curve Black) rolling or calendar month?

It’s rolling 30 days period from you first top-up of your Amex wallet.

Amex was available for free when I signed up last year, why do I need to pay a service fee to top up the Amex wallet?

The original setup for Amex was discontinued. We don’t charge you for spending with Amex via Curve. What we charge you for is a service fee for topping up your wallet. This is a new feature implement in order to bring Amex back to your Curve card.

What happens to any amount left behind in the Amex wallet when I'm grandfathered?

You can still use the Amex wallet when you are grandfathered, however, you will be charged 0.65% on each of your top-ups.

Can I use my Amex card for any transaction?

You can use your Amex Wallet like any other underlying payment card, however some restrictions apply. Funds on the Amex Wallet cannot be:

  • withdrawn via an ATM
  • used to make payments to Amex
  • used for any transaction that has an MCC (Merchant Category Code) of 6012 - Financial Institutions (e.g. Revolut top-ups)

In addition, you will not be able to use the ‘go back in time’ functionality for transactions made with your Amex wallet.

Beta Programme

How do I go from the Beta programme to the public app?

Delete you beta app and install the new one from Google Play Store or Apple Store. The newest versions are v2.1.1 for Android and v.3.0.1 iOS.

How many months of Metal or new Curve Black do I get?

Beta testers with a Curve Black card (now Legacy Black), from the start of the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme to the third wave, will be given 6 months of the new Curve Black or 4 Months of Metal.

I paid annually, which only gave me 2 months for Beta testing - what do I do?

We will refund you so you’ll have 4 months in total. Please contact Customer Support, they will sort it out for you.

Cashback and Rewards

What will happen to my Rewards/Cashback programme?

You can stay on your current programme. New customers signing up will have access to the 90 days introductory offer.

We are working on enabling you to spend your Rewards/Cashback points again, this is on the top of our priority list. You will be able earn points in the meanwhile.

My Rewards/Cashback is temporarily unavailable

Update: Rewards are now available!

We are working on enabling you to spend your Rewards/Cashback points again, this is on the top of our priority list. You will be able earn points in the meanwhile.

This is because we had to replace part of our systems - our entire Transaction Processing Engine - to be compatible with Amex and to enable future features. It took us longer than expected to integrate it with Curve Rewards.

Grandfathering - Curve Black Legacy

What is Grandfathering?

Grandfathering is when an old rule (Black Legacy Card) continue to apply to an existing situation (Black Legacy Card customers) while the new rule (new Curve Black) will apply to all future cases (new Curve Black cardholders). This means that your current benefits will be frozen as they are today and you don’t need to move over to subscription.

I recently joined the Beta programme - how many free months will I have?

All Beta testers from starting the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme to the third wave, will be given 6 months of the new Curve Black or 4 Months of Metal.

Where can I check if I can become grandfathered?

You should’ve received an email 28.1.2019 with the title “We’re launching new Curve Black benefits, and Curve Metal is here!”, containing the following text:

“As an early adopter of Curve Black, from today we are giving you 3 months of the new Curve Black with all its additional benefits for free. In order to benefit from the new Curve Black, you don’t need to do anything. We will get in touch before your free trial ends and you will have the option to roll back to your current benefit package at no cost (Curve Black Legacy), or continue with the new Curve Black. See below for more details.”

When was the deadline to qualify for the grandfathered tier, Curve Black Legacy?

If you were on Curve Black (now Curve Black Legacy) before 27th of January 23:59 GMT you can be grandfathered. Please contact customers support to verify whether you are eligible.

How do I become grandfathered and move from subscription to Curve Legacy Black?

Customers Support will help you. You can contact them via app or via support@imaginecurve.com. We will send out an email in due time and remind you.


Do I have to have insurance?

Yes. If you are eligible for insurance it will be a part of the bundle package your tier consists of.

Where can I find the insurance documents?

You’ll receive the insurance document via email. The documents can also be found here: https://www.curve.app/en/terms-insurance-docs

Why do you only offer insurance for selected countries?

This is what we have in place to so far while we are working on expanding the insurance offer to all 27 countries.

Is there a difference between insurances for Metal and Black?

Yes, there are variations in the policies. Metal gives you broader coverage, please consult AXA’s Travel Policies: https://www.curve.app/en/terms-insurance-docs


Why is Metal only for UK?

Our licence is limited to the UK for now, but the goal is to offer this to all our customers.

When will I receive my Metal card?

Some of you have been waiting patiently for your Curve cards to arrive - they should be with you in 5-7 working days.

We had a huge demand for Curve cards since the launch, and our card delivery centre has been striving to meet this demand. We have increased our fulfilment capacity and now processed the last remaining unfulfilled orders.

When can I use the Lounge Key?

The Lounge Key will be activated as soon as possible. We are looking into showing the key in the app so you can use it before your Metal card arrives.

Where can I find more info on the Lounge Key?

In app or at https://www.loungekey.com.

I upgraded to Metal due to Amex, can I cancel and become grandfathered?

Yes, you can. Customer Support will help you downgrade your account and refund your money. You will not be subjected to the Curve Metal Card Fee described in chapter of our Terms of Service. Please note that your Curve Metal will be deactivated.

Which colours are featured and will new ones be added, i.e. black?

Blue, Red, and Rose Gold.

Community Member’s photos can be found here; Which metal card colour did you choose!?

BLACK color metal card has been suggested and you can vote on it :slight_smile:

Is it possible to get a Metal card without the subscription?

No, the different tiers are offered as a bundles.

What are the World Elite Mastercard benefits about?

All customers with a consumer card can find their benefits here: https://www.mastercard.co.uk/en-gb/consumers/offers-promotions/world-elite-privileges.html

Are there any cancellation fees?

If you cancel your card within 6 months of subscription, you’ll need to pay £50 Metal card fee. An additional charges may apply depending on your Amex wallet balance.

New Version

I can’t find the grid view anymore where did the carrousel go?

The grid view was removed in the new version *(but we are planning on bringing it back due to many requests)

Why aren't my previously verified cards not verified anymore after the update?

This is a bug has now been fixed.


How do I downgrade my subscription?

You can downgrade your subscription at anytime by getting in touch with our Customer Experience Team by raising a support ticket in-app or emailing support@curve.app from the email address you signed up to Curve with.

For more details about downgrading your subscription tier, please see section 5.5 in our Terms of Service.

If you would like to downgrade due to Amex not being available, please see “I signed up to use my Amex with Curve, what can I do?”

How can I make sure I downgrade before the trial period is finished?

You’ll receive information from us in due time before your trial period is over. When you receive it you will have the option of either continuing with your subscription, down/upgrading, or become grandfathered.

Can I change from annual subscription to monthly?

Yes, you can by contacting customer support.

Can I change the card the subscription is charged to?

Yes, you can. The new card you chose will be charged in the next billing period.

Can I create my own model of selected benefits?

No, the different tiers with its benefits and features are offered as a bundle.

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Hi @Curve_Marie - This may have been asked a couple of times, so I apologise in advance, do you get Amex rewards when you top up your Amex Wallet? For example, an Amex Platinum Everyday Cashback card gives 0.5% on all purchases, do you get that 0.5% when you top-up your Amex Wallet?

A post was merged into an existing topic: Gong from Beta to Normal issues

Might be good to also state how to make use of the grandfathering offer once a user decided to stay on the old Black plan. Does the downgrade happen automatically after 3 months or does the user have to intervene (by contacting support or otherwise) before the trial expires?

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A few questions - with the £1000/month top up allowance for Black subscription, is that per calendar month or rolling 30 days?

If I top up my wallet and then change my Amex card does the new card rip up to the same wallet?

I got an invite to the beta on Friday, but then couldn’t actually get the app for some reason - can I still get 6 months free?

Thanks for these @Curve_Marie. Some minor suggestions:

Do I get Amex rewards when topping up my Amex Wallet?
Yes, you do,- I’d perhaps clarify that this doesn’t apply to ‘Amex Offers’ or enhanced points rates (e.g using SPG Amex at Marriott hotels) as these rely on Amex being used directly with that retailer.

My Rewards/Cashback is temperately unavailable - should be ‘temporarily’ :wink:

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“temperately” :laughing: my best typo this week!


How do I get access to the topic ‘Go[i]ng from Beta to Normal issues’.
I’m a second wave beta tester.

You’ve been added to the Beta group and will have access now :slight_smile:


I am also beta tester are you able to add me to that group too :slight_smile:

Just moved the Gong from Beta to Normal issues topic so it’s public. This will be easier than having to request access to the group and then find it :slight_smile:

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I applied for the beta group access via the request page. This doesn’t seem to have been applied yet. @Curve_Marie would you mind taking a look? Thank you!! :smiley:

Hi, regarding amex beta 3rd wave. I topped up my amex wallet last week, but the amex balance is still £0?

HI @Curve_Marie,
I’m also a beta tester can I be added to the hidden group also?
Thank you

Finally the update gives me the possibility of adding Amex as well. And what now? My Amex is one of the rare Amex‘ that is not supported by Curve… i am a happy customer. NOT.

Which Amex is that (for curiosities sake)?

Please join the conversation Bug Reports - Android v.2.1.1 and Bug Report - iOS v.3.0.1. It’s much easier than waiting to join the group, can’t keep up with the requests and the moment :sweat_smile:

Cc: @Will @KrisBv1 @JamesH


Posted this question elsewhere but Marie asked that I bring it here.

As a Beta tester, I understand I can pay the £150 Metal annual fee, and then email customer services for a credit. Is this credit two or four months?

@YorkshirePudding BENELUX American Express Gold…

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Benelux as in Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg?

Only UK issued Amex cards are currently accepted with EU cards to roll-out at some point in the future…

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