January Launch FAQs

Answer is in the opening post:

So if you are not a new customer (so if you have upgraded from blue or legacy black) and your picks (selected retailers) have expired, they will stay expired.

FAQs have been updated so my post is outdated

Thank you . I feel Curve have misrepresented the benefits that come with Metal. That’s two benefits that are no longer available -
Amex - no one can benefit anymore . Rewards /Cashback 6 retailers only new customers can benefit . By
“New” we imply not previous card holders and therefore we penalise existing cardholders . That’s an unusual marketing strategy and with the absence of any “warning” to existing cardholders it’s misrepresentation .

There seems to be something to hope for:

I have just received a reply from Jaspreet stating that I am not entitled to any free months as I wasn’t a black card holder before? This is contradictory to the FAQ as I am a beta tester?

I remember this used to be under the title “Current Black customers”, but now it has merged with other threads, hence the confusion. @Curve_Marie, perhaps you should update it?

Unfortunately, the free months have always been for existing Black card users only. Since the black card users paid £50 one off fee.

If I’d have paid the year upfront, I was offered the discount though?

It was only for customers who were in the Legacy Black Card scheme.

You don’t get the free months if you had the free Blue Card.

Which confusion? This whole mess is a cluster of confusing policies and mess of products.

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i asked this exact question and was told i would get 4 months free. the FAQ agrees. @Curve_Marie did you lie to us?

it applies to all beta testers we were told.

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Thanks for confirming that MasterCard World Elite now recognise Curve Metal. Having accessed the site, I must confess to being greatly disappointed at the paucity of the benefits. Only 7 showing, a couple with ‘up to’ caveats such as “HOTELS.COM Up to 10% off”, which don’t actually guarantee anything, and are eminently achievable through other free to join loyalty programmes.I don’t think I will be taking up the Printemps offer of ‘a welcome drink in the flagship Paris store’ any time soon. Even the Bicester Outlet offer, somewhere that is only a dozen miles from home, is unlikely to be used.

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@Jmac, it’s as @Bentoni described: it has always been for Curve Black cardholders.

@ic_wilson It does apply to all beta testers, however, it does not include an upgrade from Blue to Black. I’ll find the post and will update it (Cc: @Bentoni)

sorry @Curve_Marie I’m still confused. i was blue, for years. i signed up to Metal last month. I was a Beta tester. I paid my £15 last month. Will I be billed this month? do i get 4 months free? I obviously wouldn’t expect to be put onto “old” Black, as i never had it!

Hi @ic_wilson the offer for the Metal tier only applies to our customers that upgraded to Metal from the Curve Black tier. So, indeed, you will be billed this month for the Metal tier subscription.

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thank you @diego_curve. A straight answer at last!
I’ll cancel my metal then.
So the “free trial” doesn’t apply to all Beta testers.

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I have hung on as long as possible to see what you guys can come up with to persuade me to retain Metal, and with the end of my cooling off period less than a week away, it really is make your mind up time. I’m afraid that I don’t see sufficient reason to remain with the Metal package as it stands today. It really is an enormous pity that Curve have chosen not to extend the cooling off period until such time as they feel they have put in place what they consider a definitive revised Metal package, stated the cost of subscribing to that package, and allowed their customers sufficient time to decide whether that is what they want.


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