January Launch FAQs

@stevenhp1987 Yeah its Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

I am wondering if this is the final Deal for AMEX or if you are still working to get AMEX integrated like Visa and MasterCard, without topping up?

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It’s for the remaining 2 months so you’ll have 4 months for free as a token of our gratitude for Beta testing :smile:

Sorry, how do I get 4 months for free as gratitude? You give me a refund of 2 months means I have paid for 13 months.

If I was a brand new customer, I could pay the single annual fee for 15 months. Under no calculation have I had 4 months for free. The messaging here has been shady at best.

Beta testers who paid the annual fee had 2 months for free compared to having paid monthly. We would like to give all our Beta testers 4 months. If you contact Customer Support they will refund you 2 months so the total will be 4.

How does it work with the 6 months free Curve Black?

Me and my wife upgraded to Curve Black… we both paid £9.99 (pending payment from Stripe on our Amex cards…) and it says next payment is 28th February…

We’ve both sent support tickets. Should the free 6 months not have been applied automatically?

Hello. Find this two statements quite contradictory. It was mentioned that we get charged when the top up occurs. So if we are on a Black Trial, we get free top ups up to 1000. But if we decided (not that i have decided yet) to go back to grandfathered. I will be charge on whatever is left in my wallet and not what i top up after?

When paying monthly you don’t need to do anything :slight_smile: We will send you an email before any future charges.

Thank you for spotting that, I’ve updated the text.

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What about the pending £9.99 charges for upgrading to black, I assume these will be cancelled / refunded as the first 6 months are free?

@Curve_Marie Can I ask. The 90 day introductory offer for 1% Cashback on 6 chosen retailers is only for 90 days and that it? Or do the rewards carry on after that 90 days to something difference?

Hmm I hadn’t spotted this bit before. Given the charge occurs at time of top-up and this has already occurred I wouldn’t have thought any charge should be applicable. Further topups would incur a 0.65% fee with no free limit on Legacy Black, but I can’t see how or why any charge would apply to the existing wallet balance - @Curve_Marie would you mind clarifying please?

Hi Marie, can you let me know if the standard Curve daily/ monthly/ annual limits apply to the Amex wallet top up and spending?

Many thanks

Hi Marie, does the travel insurance cover winter sport e.g. ski holiday? It seems to imply so, but would be good to clarify. The phone number took so long on hold. I’m going on friday

According to the T&C’s, sports and activities are excluded if participating in them is the sole or main reason for your trip. So I guess that would imply skiing isn’t covered if you’re going on a ski trip.

They apply to spending but not to top-up - that’s only limited by your Amex limit. However if you’ve got no spend limit left you’ll just end up with a big balance in your Amex wallet!

Agreed, that seems to be the general reading of them - esp as in comparison golfing holidays seem to be explicitly covered.

@Curve_Marie you haven’t answered my second question: if I change to a different Amex card does it top up the same wallet? Or do I get the last amount topped up with the old card marooned in its own curve wallet?

Ha, really? Thats interesting, so what defines a main reason for a trip, 51%? :smiley:
Or just the motivation for the trip, meaning you really want to ski down that 1 hill, you’re doing that on the 1st day, it is the main reason you took that trip, but you decide to relax another 6 days at the hotel spa. Is it covered then or not? :smiley:

Yeah, good questions. It’s pretty vague. Personally, I wouldn’t rely on it at all.

Mayybe I would if it were a spur of the moment decision on a holiday that I hadn’t planned before leaving.


@Curve_Marie Given that neither Curve nor Wirecard (its card issuer, which is German passported under EU rules with corresponding issues after 29 March 2019) has a deposit-taking/banking license, what security features are in place for the (very substantial) funds that will be deposited under the new Amex scheme? It is all very exciting talking about metal card colour, but fund security is a core issue. @Curve_Marie @Lucas @james3uk