January Launch FAQs

It’s both, they don’t contradict - it’s Lounge access at over 1,000 lounges at up to 60% off with LoungeKey.

Regarding cashback, if you were previously on a cashback scheme that expired, or if you were on the original scheme, you don’t get it again after the upgrade. That is only for new customers.

Hi Andy

Sorry to be pedantic but it is not clear and is contradictory. I have had cards in the past that, for example, allowed free access to airport lounges. As this is a subscription based service, this is what I thought I was getting. I should not have to paste together a marketing email and FAQs from a website to get the full story.

Again regarding the rewards, does this mean that I will no longer receive any cashback rewards? I was on the original Black scheme, so you’re saying this is now cancelled and I won’t receive the cashback offers new customers will receive? Again not very clear in any of the communications.



Hi John,

It is not contradictory - it gives you access to lounges at 60% off. Where does it say free?

Regarding rewards, if you were on the original rewards scheme (where you didn’t select retailers, then you stay on that and will still earn rewards. If you were the new scheme where you select retailers, then you only get that for the original duration when you signed up.


Which certainly does motivate new users to sign in. I think they should do some advertising a la Revolut just like this:
‘You’re a second-class citizen, but here’s a candy as we still want to milk you’

@Curve_Marie Same, both myself and my OH are beta testers and neither of us knew anything about this forum at all till I stumbled across it, and definitely nothing about a beta forum, which would have been good to know.

Andy, access would suggest that there are lounges that are exclusive then? Could you please give me an example of a lounge where I could only get access with my card. In my experience access is available to all airport lounges, at a cost. Therefore the original email stating, access to airport lounges, did suggest it was free, if it wasn’t there would be no benefit.

John Cassidy

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I have waited 2 weeks no reply I sent them screenshot off my card in app and shown them it shows metal well if 14.99 gets taken out my bank on 28th this month I will take further action cos I have have curve plenty time to fix it but no reply

In other countries you’d get a Priority Pass/Dragon Pass card which do actually cost a yearly membership if you buy them on your own.
LoungeKey is a type of card that you can only get if your issuer gives it to you.
I’d be expecting the metal card to at least be the same as a santander world elite, otherwise it’s just pointless to pay for it.
I keep saying that Curve needs to make clear its business plan to the users. Namely, I don’t see how any subscription is going to pay for the pretended benefits they’re providing - and I’m quite confident they plan on getting the majority through commercial cards.

I believe no card will be named commercial cards as they used to with curve all world elite cards will be the same for personal and commercial cards as I had an old curve black card but it was a commercial one as they based that on the information I put in my original application but curve say it doesn’t matter if it’s commercial or personal it doesn’t change the fact that both business and personal credit and debit cards can be linked and used with it and the benefits of world elite depends on what MasterCard give at a certain point in time but curve can supplement that quiet a lot to compensate that world elite isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as many benefits are given by curve anyway

Hi @Curve_Marie
Can you confirm that you will also be bringing the 1% cashback reward at 6 merchants (or more) without a timelimit for metal card holders as per the recent thread.
Just conscious that the 28 day cooling off period is nearly up and still not exactly sure of the product benefits.
can you also advise how long before we will have clarity on:

  • World elite benefits
  • lounge access
  • an update on Amex progress



Only if you were previously on the time-limited version before. If you were on the unlimited (but at retailers nobody uses) version like me, you won’t get the new cashback system.

I don’t think we’ll see World Elite benefits (the BIN is the same as a Curve blue) sadly, although looking at them I’m not sure how much of a loss that is.
EDIT: Actually, saying that I just tried my card on the World Elite website and it didn’t reject me, but what it offered me was not worth the time of updating this post! Just a bunch of rubbish hotel offers, some gallery and Disneyworld.

Hello @Jonty,

We are looking into doing this, but it’s not confirmed: Potential Metal/Black new feature: an improved Curve Cashback. If you already have Rewards with 1% cashback you will continue on the same programme.

For the world elite benefits, you can check them out here: https://www.mastercard.co.uk/en-gb/consumers/offers-promotions/world-elite-privileges.html .

I’ll chase down more information on the Lounge Key and will write an update as soon as I have one.

Regarding Amex, I do have a statement from the Curve team:
We are fighting for your right to financial freedom and doing all we can to get Amex back on Curve. We are aware this may not be immediate and are working on alternatives to give you the best user experience - watch this space. Curve is an original and ground-breaking product that gives you, the consumer, greater control over your money and we are convinced that this is worth fighting for.

Hi @Curve_Marie

Thanks for the update.

Are we likely to know about the 1% before the 24th feb? (28days from signing upto metal) and without some certainty it’s difficitly not to cancel (currently paid for the full year)

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Can you help me ? I still can’t figure out if I can get access to the Curve Cashback 1% for 6 retailers
This was the offer I thought was applicable to me when I upgraded to Metal from Blue
I didn’t see any caveat such as “ you can’t have this because you were on Curve Blue Rewards
3 retailer scheme “
Normally for me an upgrade implies access to improved benefits

Answer is in the opening post:

So if you are not a new customer (so if you have upgraded from blue or legacy black) and your picks (selected retailers) have expired, they will stay expired.

FAQs have been updated so my post is outdated

Thank you . I feel Curve have misrepresented the benefits that come with Metal. That’s two benefits that are no longer available -
Amex - no one can benefit anymore . Rewards /Cashback 6 retailers only new customers can benefit . By
“New” we imply not previous card holders and therefore we penalise existing cardholders . That’s an unusual marketing strategy and with the absence of any “warning” to existing cardholders it’s misrepresentation .

There seems to be something to hope for:

I have just received a reply from Jaspreet stating that I am not entitled to any free months as I wasn’t a black card holder before? This is contradictory to the FAQ as I am a beta tester?

I remember this used to be under the title “Current Black customers”, but now it has merged with other threads, hence the confusion. @Curve_Marie, perhaps you should update it?

Unfortunately, the free months have always been for existing Black card users only. Since the black card users paid £50 one off fee.

If I’d have paid the year upfront, I was offered the discount though?