Joining Curve Beta

I was on the original TestFlight beta for Curve but it looks like it’s not used anymore. Is there a way to apply for any new beta’s? I’m not sure how many people are part of this community but couldn’t all could be included??

You can apply for the new Amex beta here;

I tried the link but it just takes me to a Typeform page but not a Curve one.

Please fill in the Typeform we have created to apply to join the beta programme. We would like to do open beta in the future :slight_smile:

@robmckenzieuk means that the link @Dann sent doesn’t work - it just goes to the default typeform page, not the specific form you have set up

Yes, it’s not the right page. Thanks @Omk298

Ah, I see. That would mean the 3rd wave and filled and the Typeform is closed.

I was on the original TestFlight beta @Curve_Marie, does this mean I am not on any now?

I’m not quite sure to be honest, but I’ll find out and will update you.

Ok thank you Marie. I see you have released an app update in the App Store that includes Amex functionality along with Metal.

Hi there,

I have an issue with the beta - I was invited to the beta, and trying to install Curve v2.0.19 through the Beta by Crashlytics app. However, it won’t allow me to install this on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ running android Pie.

After trying and failing to install this beta, suddenly the Curve Beta app appeared in Google Play Store?? So now I’m running Curve v2.1.0 through the play store.

Any advice or help?


You are on the right version from Google Play Store. We have graduated from the closed Beta :smiley:

so if we are the beta we should replace with the App Store version? or shall we stay on the beta?

Thanks @Curve_Marie Does this mean that I’ll get the beta perks, or did I miss them? I paid for the Black (so I’m on Black Legacy(?)) so do I get the deal for curve metal (4 months free) or similar?

Thanks in advance!