Joint subscription

It would be nice to have a subscription for 2 people with a reduced price (I mean in comparison to getting 2 separate subscription). For almost a month now I’m thinking of getting a metal card for my wife too, but paying 30£ for 2 cards (especially when the second insurance would be useless for us) is a deal breaker for me.

Would you be so kind to consider adding family subscription, or just add ability to issue an additional card?

A family subscription normally screams up to 5 members of your family to me, maybe a “couples” subscription? Could have the same linked cards with each one assigned to whatever one you’ve chosen on your login, could be £20 a month maybe? (Since Curve will get increased interchange this shouldn’t be too much of an issue?)

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I would want a secondary card, which relates to the primary card, and is just a mirror of whatever the primary card is set at. This would save lending my card to my wife when abroad, which is the only time that she would use it to avoid fx fees.

She primarily uses amex in the UK, so has no need here.

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Then there is an another topic for you :slight_smile: Feature for a Joint Curve account

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