Just joined Curve Community - but why so long for the invite?

Have been a long term curve user and probably quite a high user with £’000’s spent and saved. But was unaware of this community until I got an invite today. Why so long ?

Hi ! I was in the same scheme, and i’ve found myself the community, one day, perhaps on facebook, don’t remember.
But now we are. let’s enjoy…:slight_smile: Pat

Welcome, @CaptainJon! Happy you decided to join us :smiley:

We’ve put the word out there on social media channels and have linked to it in various outgoing emails. It wasn’t our intention to hold anything off :smile:


That assumes that I’m on social media! Decided to get off all except Twitter and that I rarely use… And I feel so much better for it! :grin:

I never use social media. I just noticed the link to ‘Community’ at the bottom of the main Curve card page. :slight_smile: I think I lurked on there a few days before applying for a Curve Card just to suss things out.

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I didn’t see any invite either and like you a Curve user of 2 years+.

Joined up now though and lots of useful information - just wish I’d known sooner!

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