Just opened new Samsung Curve account

Hi all,

I was recommenced a Curve account by a colleague, we both travel a lot and work for an airline so she thought it would be of benefit to me.
I’m also a huge Samsung fan and after receiving a notification on my Note 10+ I have finally opened an account.

My questions:- Does the Samsung Curve account offer the same travel benefits as the standard Curve account, i.e can you pay abroad in other currencies fee free etc?

Are there any downsides of the Samsung version compared to the standard Curve accounts?

I notice there is only a 90 day 1% cashback reward on the free account, are there any plans on creating a longer term reward scheme as even on the next level up fee account Id struggle to make it financially viable most months.

Thank you



Hi and welcome to the community :raising_hand_man:t2:

Have a look here:

Some of your questions are answered there.

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The negatives for me is the Samsung Curve Card is essentially locked to Samsung pay and Samsung devices so you can not use the card number to also add it to Google pay, Apple wallet etc, this won’t be a problem for some but I tend to use Google pay on my S10+, Samsung pay on my Samsung active 2 watch and Apple Wallet on work iPhone.

With the help of Curve support I cancelled the Samsung Curve card and opened a regular curve blue account which is essentially the same but without restricting it to Samsung Pay.

The only benefits of the Samsung card is the discount with the Samsung shop and a nice black Samsung card which did look nice.

Thanks JBW I’ve just ordered the card. I intend on using the app 99% of the time but a card is handy especially for basic withdrawals from cash machines and abroad use where wireless payment might not always work.

Do you agree?

Yeah definitely a good idea to have the card as well, makes it a more rounded product, very handy to have.