Kártya verifikálás

Verifikáltam a kártyám mégsem tudom aktiválni. Tudna valaki segíteni?

Hello @Dorci201503, welcome to the community!
I answer you in English, because we are a forum that also speaks this language.

What problem are you having in activating the card?

It would be a problem that I have verified my personal card yet I cannot activate my Curve card .

Have you already received the curve card at home?

Igen megkaptam ,de hiába írom be az utolsó 4 számot azt írja ellenőrizzem az európai kártyámat.

I’m not understanding correctly, are you trying to activate your Curve card or are you associating your card with the Curve app?

I’m trying to activate my Curve card. I have already added and verified my credit card.

You need to enter the last 4 digits of the Curve card. If the problem persists, try reinstalling the app. If you have not resolved, you need to contact Curve support at the following email address: support@curve.app. Please, write the email in English.

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