Keep both cards after upgrade

I started with the free account and recently I upgraded to Black, can I use both plastic cards after I will activate the later (being able to use both cards is/would be something VERY USEFUL for me)?
I read some rather similar topics but most of them are at lease 1 year old and I hoped for some improvements. Revolut can attach more than 1 card to an account and this works like a charm for me, would love the have the same feature from Curve.
Thank you.

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Unfortunately you can only have one card attached to your account and when you’ve upgraded the old one will deactivate.


Thank you, as disappointing as this is at least I have my answer.
By the way, my new card didn’t arrive at the announced ETA, it’s 1 week late, and the old card is being rejected when I try to use Google Pay/Wallet - very annoying.

You have to remove and re-add the card to Google wallet from the app. This will mean you can pay with both your phone and your card whilst you wait for your new one to arrive.