Keep original time of transaction after changing underlying card

For a few months now, when using the go back in time feature, Curve changes the time of a transaction to the time I changed the underlying card and I am not able to see the time of the orginal transaction anymore.

I would like to have a feature where I can see both times of a transaction and - more important for me - the possibility to sort the whole timeline by the original time of the transaction.

This is a must. Same applies for refunds/partial refunds.


Completely agree, voted.


Yes, driving me nuts. A transaction that I made in January now fully shows in March because I received a partial refund.


This happens all the time, it’s so confusing as it messes up your Curve timeline really badly and makes the transaction details all appear on a new random date (when the refund cleared).

I don’t like this idea.
when I have some conditions on different cards, it’s best to see transaction with new date, afer card change.
I don’t see any advantage of seeing original transaction date, but the best solution would be to see both dates for people who needs it.
different thing is to see correct date for refund, and I agree with that, but it’s different topic

The problem with changing the date of a transaction is that it messes up my accounting. To track my expenses I do a CSV export at the end of each month. For example, a transaction that was made near the end of the month (say, March 25th), then moved to a different card after the start of the next month (say, April 2nd), ends up in both months (because I exported March before the transaction was moved) and I have to manually correct this.

Best would be to include both original and new transaction date-time in the transaction details, allow us to sort the timeline on either, and include each as separate columns in the CSV export.