Klarna payments in Sweden seem not to work for some curve cards?

A lot of online stores here in Sweden are using Klarna check out to handle payment.
The last couple of weeks or so, I am continually getting a message when trying with my curve card to the effect of “this method of payment is not recognized, please try another”
I have tried changing the underlying cards, credit and debit but no go.
Also, the rejection seems to be done before curve ever gets to know that it was rejected (doesn’t show in the curve app).

Are competitors blacklisting curve now?

Lol what you might not seem to know is that Curve is going to be releasing a service just like Klarna. Buy now pay later type flexible payment plan.

So they would absolutely want to block Curve. Do they? From what you’re saying it appears so…Let’s see if anyone else is complaining about the same issues.

Has it ever worked on Klarna? , i know Clearpay doesn’t accept curve.

Yes, just a couple of weeks ago.
But it may be the competitor issue.
Dang, many online shops here use Klarna exclusively…

To clarify, in this case Klarna only acts to handle the credit cards for payment.
No “pay later” stuff.

In that case, did you already try paying with another non-Swedish (BIN) card? Maybe all non-Swedish cards are rejected?

For those kinds of services, I know it’s quite common for “proxy cards” to be completely banned, as well as credit cards, not just because it’s Curve. So maybe it’s just that.

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Used my Curve card yesterday on a site that uses Klarna and no issues for me.

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That’s interesting!
The last place I tried was shopping groceries from one of the large chains in Sweden.
Gottakeep trying and see if it works at any other places, or maybe my card is somehow blocked.
I noticed it said on one place that the curve card’s native currency was PLN.
I haven’t had trouble before, this happened just maybe two or three weeks ago.

You need to enable curve fronted to pay in klarna

Thought that was weird as it has always worked ok since a couple of weeks.
Anyways I tried it and it still says (literally translated) ”the payment was not approved”. Never reaches Curve.

I used it on two sites last week. One of them was Apotea.
Never had fronted enabled.

Edit: I see now that I used it yesterday on Besikta too.

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Wow, apotea is one of the sites where I can’t.
And I tried with different underlying cards and no luck there.
Using the underlying cards directly works fine.
I contacted Curve support to see if they can do something about it.

Klarna support says they don’t have any restrictions, so my hopes are with Curve now.

Do you have a Curve commercial/business card or a personal card? If commercial/business that should be printed on the card. Some users in the past have received commercial/business cards by ‘mistake’.

And I assume you’re able to use your Curve card in other stores and websites (not using Klarna) without any problems in the past two weeks?

I have a red investor card, and it doesn’t say commercial anywhere.
I use it in a store (not online) almost daily.
Also works fine when I shop at Amazon.de.

I think it is not only Klarna but several card processors in Sweden are banning British cards (and many other countries). Someone, told me it was because of too much fraud. I can’t figure out how this is allowed by Visa/Mastercard and European rules of free trade?

Also it is very annoying to not know if the card-type is banned or if I did type the wrong numbers.

Klarna assured me this was not the case.
But what is really strange is that it works for some cards and not others.
Are different series of cards treated differently.

Have you activated curve fronted?

Yes, no difference.
But it shouldn’t matter as I am just using Klarna to handle the card payment, no pay later functionality or such.