Lack of info regarding Investor Card & Crowdfunding

I’m pretty disappointed with the lack of info since the funding round closed as I would really like an Investor Card. I have not received any emails regarding crowdfunding and If I had known, I would’ve invested. I am very disappointed as I have spent thousands of pounds on Curve and feel like I wasn’t given the opportunity to get the Investor Card.


Mate’s red investor card just arrived today. It’s a bit thin and underwhelming.

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That’s not good… I’m sure the metal one would be quite good though.

Agreed, why would anyone expect a red plastic card to be anything special (aside from numberless and investor quote is cool), the metal one is what I am looking for and in black I like :slight_smile:

I’m hoping black metal investor by mid-late May

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Me too, I really hope that they add a few more colors and perhaps a different design to the metal subscription as the brushed design is very similar to my metal Revolut card.

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Hi Reece

I’m sorry you feel this way, however it is not impossible that we open up for crowdfunding again in the future. We’ll make sure you can’t miss it if we do another round.


I’ve received my plastic one today as well. It’s absolutely disappointing and nothing like advertised beforehand.

I’d expect it at least to be on par with the free product. What I’ve received is a cheap product that doesn’t even have the metalic look the free blue card has.
No way I’ll be activating that card and let it replace the (IMHO very good looking) blue free card …

HEllo Maxus, for my own experience of disappointment , i have had the same sad feeling when receiving the first model of N26 black metal card. A cheap liner of metal between two covers of plastic, and the MC silver logo just as a sticker in the corner…But two months after, N26 sent us the updated model of black metal card, just fantastic. Maybe you’ll have a big surprise in a few time :slight_smile: …Pat.

Come on guys, be reasonable. First of all, it’s a gift basically. You made an investment, not purchased a new card or anything else. Secondly, you don’t have to activate it. Thirdly, since Apple Pay and Gpay are available for the most of you, it’s not necessary to use a physical card in the majority of the shops. I don’t even remember when was the last time I took the card out of my wallet.

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Istanbull airport febuarty 2020
They didint accept contactless payment
Ryanair flight march 2020, they want the card, to put in the the reader

You still need a card for some place still in 2020

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I’m not sure how it was missed this time around. It’s disappointing a potential investor missed out but it was far from a secret.

It seem that people has received their cards, been worried since mine still is missing…

Hey @Nimega

Welcome the community!

Have you checked your Curve app recently? Does it show you a Delivery estimate on the main screen? (The one with the image of the Curve Card)

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No, before i had the option to activate my card, but that option is gone since some time ago.

But dont want to activate a card i never received.

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Ah, were you expecting a red or a metal?

Just a regular red one for investor. I’ve e-mailed the support too with the e-mail we received in April that the card should arrive within 3 weeks so waiting for their reply.

Ok great - the reason I asked was because the metal one is still being shipped in batches, however as far as I’ve read the red ones have been delivered.

Let us know what support says, I hope you receive it soon!