Lack of support

Happy New Year,

After explaining the benefits of curve to a few friends, they signed up just before the seasonal break. A few of them had issues ordering and registering they’re cards.

I told them to get in contact with Curve support, and that they should be able to help.

3 Weeks later, and still no help from Curve support. My friends have tried many times to reach out to support, but they’ve got nothing back.

It’s shamefully the lack of support that curve have given, to new customers. Some of my friends have given up.

Please could someone from the support team get this fixed sorted ?

Hey @Superuser00, Happy New Year to you too! :partying_face:

Our support team is extremely busy at the moment but they definitely should have heard back within 3 weeks - our team aim to respond within 48 hours.

Are you able to check if they’ve raised a ticket through their app or if they’ve emailed the correct address? They can email

I’d recommend that they send a private message to @AskCurve on Twitter. It’s unusual that they haven’t had any response in 3 weeks so they’ll be able to check the situation!

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Hi Hannah,

Thanks for the response, they’ve raised a ticket within the app… I’ll try and get the ticket number.

They don’t use Twitter, and I don’t think it’s fair to ask them to use Twitter to get the support teams help.

Hey @Superuser00, that’s understandable! However, we can’t access accounts or tickets here so please don’t share their numbers publicly. The other option is for them to send a message on Facebook or else to call our support team - the number can be found on the back of your Curve cards.



Just an update. We called your support team yesterday and was informed that someone would call back before the end of the day, needless to say that never happened.

Called again today, was informed that someone will call back. I’m not holding my breath.

I normally wouldn’t complain, but this has been ongoing from December, and it’s a friend I recommended to the product to.

To be honest that is really a red flag even though I still have hopes for this card. Not sure why recommend asking on Twitter as when asked they just say that this stuff cant be discussed on social networks and you must email or send in-app message. Since Hannah has “Curve Team” written I’m not sure why that would even be suggested. The clock is ticking and I will close my account and never recommend this product to anyone unless they step up their game and take responsibility.


Drop a ticket ( or Twitter DM “AskCurve”

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Why you recommend contacting via Twitter when all they say is that such things cannot be discussed via social networks? Its not once or twice I’ve seen such recommendations on this forum. Not sure what the catch is when its just a waste of customers time and effort.

A ticket was raised via the app, and also an email was sent.

I’ll like to give an update, we never received the promised call back yesterday.

Hey @Superuser00 sometimes our team email to follow up instead of a call. If you didn’t even receive an email then it more than likely means that our support team are investigating the issue before replying with a solution.

I am a metal customer waiting for a reply since the 2nd of January. Today is the 8th.

It is terrible honestly … No other way to put it


Still a lack of response from the support teams. (Note, I’m doing this on my friends behalf)

I’m sat at home in relative comfort, so I can’t complain too much. But I won’t like to be in a situation where I’m stuck in the middle of somewhere with no support from Curve, if this is truly the only card you need, then they should back it up with support !!

Please could someone point me to the complaint process, and could someone recommend an alternative to Curve ?

Complaints process is outlined here - How do I make a complaint? – Curve

Personally I’ve not come across an alternative product that offers the same features as Curve. I always carry other cards though - for example my Amex.

I have to say customer support is diabolical at the moment. Simple problems that can easily be resolved being dragged out over days and weeks.

Customer Support/Service should be number 1 priority in every business. 48 hours to respond is pretty pathetic I think.

Don’t bite off the hand that feeds you.

Yeah same here. Even though I have my own theory what happened in my case but I want to hear from them but they never replied to me and this is already taking time.

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