Last 4 till 5 months my Curve card is hard busy on disqualifying itself from use

Tickets raised in Curve app are not really processed. They wait since weeks for resolution delivery - nothing happens.
On Nov. 24th Curve informed me in one mail my identity was verified. Card limits dropped drastically upon identity verification third decade November '21. One till two days ago I received app notification verification verification failed. Today it is no more possible to view that notification again, what a nonsense!!!
Among all my debit / credit cards the Curve is one of lowest reliability. It fails again and again on eCommerce, it fails on POS. No my non-Curve debit / credit fails that frequency my Curve card does. One to two years ago it was great card, today it doesn’t earn to be used to my deep regret.

Curve must be in big troubles as of time being, maybe it is even a mess they stuck in. I wish I get a chance from Curve to raise other feeling.

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