Leaving Curve

I’m out. Too many declined transactions, too many mistakes and now the icing on the cake because I’m traveling for business -this from Curve support after having to ask them why all transactions have suddenly been declined: As our product is only available to customers with a valid EEA/UK residency, could you please provide further verification in the form of the following:

** An explanation to your recent spend being outside of the UK/EEA.*
** Proof of EEA/UK address: accepted documents are utility bills (electricity, water and gas only), tenancy agreement or government letters dated within the last 6 months*

Sorry Curve, you’re a great idea but you do not provide the stability needed to inspire confidence. I spend a lot with a lot of merchants but constantly having to “contact support chat” every time Curve decides to decline transactions has become a full time job.
I love the idea of Curve but it’s still too “half-baked” for me at the moment. I’ll be back once you’re fully operational.
Best of luck, stay safe and healthy


Probably they have to ask these type of questions for legal reasons.

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After being a customer for three years? I don’t object to them communicating with me. I do object to finding out there is a problem only after being suddenly and inexplicably rejected on multiple transactions with multiple merchant then having to wait days to find out why, why was I paying a premium for Metal?


What legal reasons would they be ? The person is eligible for the card, and, last time I looked, there wasn’t a geoblock on the use of it.

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Anyhow, I am not trying to sway anyone here, this is my personal experience, hopefully it works better for everyone else. I have excellent credit, excellent income and see no reason for this level of difficulty using a financial product which is meant to simplify, not complicate. For me - this has been a fiasco. I hope they get their act together so that I can can come, back. So - for me - fantastic premise, weak execution.


Correct, I was not a new customer, have been since 2018.

I’m in the exact same situation, so it’s good to know they weren’t just targeting me. I’ve been stuck overseas due to the pandemic, and I guess they noticed I had a lot of non-UK spending. I suspect this could be a compliance issue their auditors noticed.

I’ve been trying to get my account re-instated without luck so far, as I love Curve card. I’ve also been a user since the very start.

Does anyone have an email of someone at Curve who could assist, as I just keep going around in circles with their support people?


This is why I gave up. Not sure if it’s too much growth too fast or just sub par management but the never ending litany of having to clear up “technical” issues was just too much work and outweighed the benefits of membership - for me.
So I’m back to Apple Pay which, granted lacks the perks, is 100% solid.
I hope Curve gets their act together, they’re a fantastic idea, just not fully baked.


Yes, totally understand why you’re done with them.

For me it is worth the extra hassle, as I find it such a unique product, but it’s proving very tough to get re-instated.

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I know how you feel, it‘s what felt for the last two years! Just ran out of patience, too many reoccurring issues. IMO a the foundation of any Financial products must be stability and reliability, I have found Curve to be lacking in these departments. I travel a lot for work and just got tired of worrying wether or not Curve would work every time I tried to use it.
Curve is an amazing concept, I sincerely hope it succeeds and will 100% be back once it‘s as solid as any standard credit card.
Stay safe and healthy.

I have similar issue, my card got suspended as they notify me leakage of card information. But when I get back to them, they accused me for the residency issue and not sending me a replacement card.

Indeed, I’ve sent them all information required and given them proper explanation for all their enquires. But they are simply ignore my responses and never get back to me. Not mentioning the tone of your customer service is terrible, feels like I’m committing to a crime. Please just reply to your customer when you expect your card is the only card in the user’s wallet and you suspended it. I already tried my best to provide all the information needed and now feels like I’m bagging them to send me a replacement card to continue to use their service.

Curve, you guys have an amazing product and I do think your customer service is the only area should be improved. The reason why I’m writing this is because I’m so tired of the laziness and terrible customer service I have been receiving so far. It’s ok to being understandable as you guys are still growing, but this time really crossed my line and basic knowledge of customer service.


The problem is that your issue is probably “too hard” to deal with and keeps getting put to the bottom of the pile.

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You’re right, this is how their customer service deal with customer enquiries and problems. Do nothing until magic happens.


I’m somehow glad and somehow sad to see that I’m not the only one with issues. A couple of weeks ago, after being with curve for at least two years, I was sent an email by the customer service telling me to do an authentication procedure. I did that and got the information that curve will receive the report and I wouldn’t need to do anything. Some time later I got an email asking if I’d done the procedure where I was wondering how it could be that they don’t know. Since then nothing. And it’s been a month. And my card hasn’t been working for at least as long.
Ironically the cancellation also works through a web form and, surprise: no reaction there either.

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I got the exact same mail after being user for a long time and using the card everyday.

However, I did the verification but didn’t hear anything afterwards.

But I’m tired of getting declined transactions for no reason (worked flawlessly before) so I think it is time to leave.

Check your card expiry date, I had to have multiple replacement cards sent out. My card expiry and the date shown in the app were the same, but their systems had a totally different expiry date.

Seems to be fixed now, but really frustrating

Wow my card never worked ever since i got it . I keep getting by support or getting a responses months later just for them to ask the same questions i already answered 5 times . I’ve never even gotten the chance to try it the card is just in my room collecting dust untill support actually fixes whatever issue there is so i can have the chance to try the card.

Curve don’t fully remove your information, for up to 5-7 years. If you wish to have curve COMPLETLEY remove all your information just say: Whilst you may not have to delete it solely off the back of my request to cancel the account, you do if I have specifically state I wish to exercise my right to be forgotten under Article 17 of the GDRP. I requested to cancel my curve account but now decided I don’t want it deleted, I don’t know how to cancel my cancel request XD

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