Legacy black card investor poll

Should legacy black (and free black) card holders who invested £1,000+ return back to their black tier after the 12 month metal trial if they decide not to stay metal?

  • Yes
  • No

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I believe that they should be provided the same benefits as the tier they are in now but given a metal card.

The problem is that Curve exceeded it’s own goal for crowdfunding (we think as we don’t know if that was the real goal) and it’s unlikely that they will backtrack to please a few people.

Over 8000 people signed up to invest based on what the rewards are.

I invested £5K and did it in the basis that the proposition could change. So it could be that they fix this nonsense around the metal card and grandfathered tiers.

I decided to not invest £1K+ based on not being able to revert back to my existing plan.

So wouldn’t be happy if they changed their mind now.


I believe that if they’d done the sensible thing and given metal cards to people who are already paying for them, and plastic cards to people who already have plastic cards, then we wouldn’t be in this mess!

But as you say, they probably don’t really care and they almost certainly aren’t going to change it just to keep their investors and customers happy :joy:

I just don’t see why they didn’t say…

Invest this. Get this.
Invest that. Get that.

After 12 months you don’t decide to keep the upgrade then move back to where you were.

My objection is for their longest standing members they are saying we are going to separate you out and send you back 2 tiers unlike anybody else.


Almost all companies offer free trials of some sort or another. What they don’t do is penalise you at the end of the trial. You simply go back to where you were before.

If you don’t it wasn’t really a “TRIAL”.


This clearly goes to show that they don’t value users who’s paid for Black before the introduction of tier model. Since then I’ve no longer value the card anymore.

It’s clear all they want is force you on a plan if you want to keep your Black by paying, again.

Totally agree here - the early supporters shouldn’t be at a disadvantage at any point.