Lieferando as Curve Cash retailer - remove Deliveroo and Foodora (Germany)

It’d be great if you could add Lieferando as a Curve Cash retailer since, in Germany, Deliveroo and Foodora no longer exist. They were acquired by Lieferando. Now there is no retailer for food delivery in Germany available.
@Curve_Ivo I also suggest removing Deliveroo and Foodora from the list of available retailers in Germany as it makes a rather poor impression to offer cashback for a retailer that no longer operates in a country. I hope Curve will also allow those customers who currently have these selected to switch to another retailer or better yet, update it to Lieferando, once it becomes available.


You get the list is not a per country thing, right?
We got plenty of retailers to choose from that’s not represented in Denmark for instance. Deliveroo still exists in the UK as far as I know, so don’t hold your horses.

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In the UK at least, it is:

Do non-UK users all get just get 1 list then?

The list here still includes companies that have not existed for the better part of a year (Virgin Trains, Mothercare) - despite VT being raised to Curve in advance of their demise. Removing them is obviously not a priority.

I assume that you don’t get Cashback from Avanti (Virgin Trains successor) if you select Virgin Trains?


Just for the notes:
Lieferando is a brand of the Takeaway Group.
Here is a list of Statement Descriptors they use in germany:

  • Takeaway Payments B.V (Card Payment)
  • Takeawaycom (PayPal)
  • (Card Payment)
  • Lieferando (Card Payment)
  • (Card Payment)

They use Adyen to process payments.
Card Descriptors are different in every country Takeaway operates.

You can filter for your country and then it shows the available companies. If I filter for Germany, I can’t see every company and only those that are supposed to be available for chasback. I recon it should be easy to delist Deliveroo and Foodora from said listing. Because if someone from Germany accidentally chooses one of the two, he/she wouldn’t get cashback.

But as I said in op, it would be even better if Lieferando was added since Lieferando acquire both companies. Or we could choose either and a payment to Lieferando would count towards cashback.

Either way, someone should have a look at this since the cashback is a paid feature. It makes a bad impression that the curve team has ignored this for so long. There are similar issues in other countries with other companies mentioned in this forum.

I’ll assume that adding retailers involves doing a deal with them, so a particular retailer might just say no.

However as Curve won’t even bother to remove defunct companies from the list I’d say it’s more likely they simply aren’t trying.

So easy, yet they won’t. After 8 months I can’t imagine an explanation other than ‘we don’t care’.


I think it will be incredibly hard for Curve to keep up with different companies which may come snd go in all the different countries that Curve are active in.

Maybe this should be something that users could report back in? Like clicking on one of the cashback companies and ”report a problem with this company” function? That way Curve would be able to source any non-working cashback options quick.

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It isn’t hard though, is it?

Even if there’s no contractual arrangement between Curve and the company, the fact they’ve paid 0 cashback on Virgin Trains transactions for 8 months straight is a dead giveaway.

Hey, Curve Team @Hannah @Chiswick @edward.ritchotte or anyone… will someone at least acknowledge this? It’s a service you advertise heavily yet at the same time it seems as if nobody cares that it is handled like a stepchild you never wanted nor had an interest in.
There are many threads in this forum regarding this topic but no word from Curve so far. For months. Why are you neglecting it?
I see Curve posting on twitter daily. Take someone of that team and have them take a look at the retailer lists instead since your service is suffering!
The least you can do is talk to us and explain what you’re going to do about it. It won’t magically disappear.

Hey guys, I’m sorry for missing this thread originally. I’m going to pass all this info on to our team and see what they can do. However, I can’t promise any immediate changes!

Hey, our product team have informed me that we’re currently in the process of rebuilding this and will be working on having more relevant retailers in each market. Unfortunately we can’t confirm a timeline for it just yet!

Hi @Hannah, Thanks for being that quick. I didn’t expect that.
I was just in the process of writing a reply. Glad to hear that this will be addressed. I’ll wait with the selection then, or will we be able to change, once you update the list?

No problem! To be 100% honest I’m not sure about having the ability to change once it’s updated / new ones are added. If you have selected retailers that you can’t earn with at the moment (Like Deliveroo) then pop a message to our support team explaining the situation and they can help you out.

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