Limit in app is redirecting to help page and not my personal limits

I can’t view my limits and usage

How to reproduce it:
I want to review my limits and when I go to Account>card limits the app shows a loading screen for a second and then shows the FAQ section of “limits” instead of the list of my own limits and usage so far. I’m getting a message that I surpassed my limits but I don’t know which one. Daily? monthly? currency?, …etc. I used to be able to see a list of my personal limits and bars of my current consumption. I can’t find this screen any more. this used to work before.

Android 11/ Relame UI 2.0
Realme X2 Pro
App version:
not available. I’m missing the limits overview. I can only see the FAQ with non-personalized general limits

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I have same problem on 2.88.1

I also have the same issue. It redirects to a general FAQ.

According to this post below, this is a known issue for new people (which includes me).

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I’ve been using curve for years and I just received a anew card because the old one expired. Does Curve reset the limits per card not per customer?

I received an identification email and I successfully validated my identity but the issue within the app still the same. I can’t see my own limits. I’m on version 2.88.1 now