Limits in ATM. Declines

Hey all.

Sorry to moderators, if I choose wrong forum.

Can’t understand. I’ve standard limits: 500 per day for ATM.

In this month I withdrew (ATM) 1300 euros and Curve team locked my withdrew possibility.

Who can explain me, why?

Support said about some rolling limits during 365 days. I cant understand.

Who can explain me, please?

You don’t only have a daily ATM limit, but also a monthly (last 30 day window) and a yearly (last 365 day window) limit. So it’s possible you are well below your daily limit, but that you have reached your monthly or yearly limit.

Please check the Card limits menu on the Account tab in your Curve app.

Looks like you are still on the standard limits (you have not verified your identity yet), please check the help page below on how to get these limits raised.