Link a retailer to a card?


I was looking at your services and I have 2 questions.

First, to be sure that I understood well, there is only one card activate by default? So each payment will be done on this card unless I change it in the app before the payment or I use the back in time?

Second, there is no option to determine for each retailer a specific card that I want to use?
For example I have one card for my personal expenses and one for my family expenses. I want to use a Curve card to allocate the payments between both cards. I need to switch in the app do to that? Or I can say Spotify will be paid with the first one and my groceries on Whole Foods to the second one?





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For this bit feel free to vote in Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments) & Smart Transactions/Rules - 150 votes and counting, so the second most popular idea just now!

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