Link Card insurance + Miles

Hello, I want to ask if my link card have Insurance for travel(must pay with my bank card) , I still have it or I lost the insurance because I use the Curve card for payment ? thanks

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In this case, you would have to ask your card issuer to clarify the terms, however, if you use your Curve card, then you would be eligible to use your Curve card insurance.

thanks I am new here , 2 weeks with curve card and I like it , you can explain me more pls ? because with my card I get Double miles if I use it on the site of some airline , I will still get this if I pay with curve card and with travel insurance what you mean for curve card ?

You won’t get your double miles if you use Curve on your airline’s site. It will see the transaction as paying Curve (and being paid by Curve. If you want your double miles you’ll need to use the original card.

If you pay by Curve and have a paid Black or metal subscription then you have travel insurance included. If you don’t have a Curve subscription with travel insurance then you’ll need to check the terms of your insurance with your other card provider. Some require the trip to be paid (or part paid) with their card. Others will cover you either way.

It depends on whether you normally receive double miles for all spend on your card or only for spend at particular retailers.

If you get rewards for all spend, then you will still receive these from your card provider, but if your credit card only gives rewards at certain retailers or types of retailers, then you wouldn’t receive the rewards from the card because Curve transactions are recognised as coming from Curve, not the original retailer, just as @chelynnah said. :slightly_smiling_face: