Linked Card Balance Not Updating

Just throwing this out there. I’ve not listed it as a bug, as I don’t know if it’s a bug in Curve, or an issue with Plaid or my underlying card (HSBC).

A couple of months ago I added my underlying card to the “Balances” section of Curve so that I could link it to Curve and see the “balance” listed on the “Wallet” tab,

This worked perfectly 1st time. Everything was authorised through Curve, Plaid and HSBC.

Roll on to a couple of weeks ago and the balance is no longer updating. It’s not £0, the value that was there a couple of weeks ago is still there - obviously the balance of the underlying card has been changing during this time.

The balance shown on the “Wallet” tab is £3055.50. The balance shown on the “My Money - Balances” tab is £3055. So these match. If I go into the balance, it says that it was updated only a few seconds ago and there are 45 days left until it needs to be renewed. Oh and it shows £3055.50. So they all match.

However, in my HSBC app I can see that the balance should be £1903.01.

it was working. It’s not the end of the world. Please note that I have not tried revoking and reenabling access etc. I was just wondering whether anybody has seen this before?

Is HSBC sending the wrong data? Is Plaid not accessing HSBC, but returning Curve cached data? Is Curve not contacting Plaid, but using cached data?

I had REAL difficulties getting Plaid and Santander to “talk” to each other. Now, a balance loads, but it’s from about 2 weeks ago. I know from experience that the only way to sort this is to unlink and then relink the account. And frankly, it’s too much like hard work

Thanks. Not just me then. I don’t think I can be bothered to keep unlinking/relinking. Oh well.

This is typical Curve. Lots of really good ideas, really badly done in a rush, with minimal staff.

Hey guys! Sorry to hear about this one. If you haven’t already, could you mention this to our support team? It doesn’t look like a known bug and it’d be great to get some insight on this!

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