List of banks or e-money institutions that allow topping up the account via card

I’m thinking this community is more in the know than others. What other banks or e-money institutions apart from Revolut, Wise (former Transferwise), N26, are you aware of that allow topping up the account by card?

What about services that allow you to be paid by friends with a credit card, like or starling settleup?

M o n e s e.

I thought that was dead. I applied last year, passed KYC etc, still says they will get back to me 11 months later (I emailed them 6 different times, they replied only once after 2.5 months to say “sorry, we’ll get back to you”). Posted on Trustpilot to see if I get a reply there and it was taken down, it wasn’t even a complaint.

Revolut for free
N26 with a fee

I think at this point Revolut is unbeatable, free card top-ups based on your price plan (new price plans pending effective in next few days). :credit_card: I’ve been using it for several months… :+1:

Looks interesting. Their payments gateway service also looks interesting.