Lloyds Banking Group T&C changes

I would say go to the main curve page, scroll all the way to the bottom to read what it says :smiley:

I know what it says…the eMoney is Curve Cash, as I explained. Regular transactions don’t involve eMoney! At least that’s what they said way back when it was discussed last :thinking:

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While regular CS won’t necessity know, it shouldn’t be beyond Curve’s ability to officially ask at a more senior level and get a definitive response - and not have to rely on customers experiences.

The Lloyds group is the largest domestic bank in the UK after all…

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Very true. I imagine they’d also be pretty angry if all of their mutual customers were about to be charged unreasonably too…

Too true…

Any way we can get this done?

Bear in mind that it seems that Curve support/responses are very delayed/non-existent at the moment

Is there any investor who gets to speak to the founder?

If the Lloyds card finance benefits are lost, I may as well cancel my Curve as I have no other card/s with any worthwhile underlying benefits

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I’ve spoken to Lloyds / MBNA and they’ve told me it will go down as a cash transaction, as it’s an eMoney charge via checkout.com.

I’ve reached out to support to cancel down my metal card and move to blue, not that I will use the card more incase I receive any refunds.

Obviously support haven’t replied, will take them a while.


Hi, I got this letter below from MBNA. This isn’t good for Curve is it as it’s Visa not even Amex?
Are other credit card companies doing the same?

In July, I wrote to you about changes we’re making to your credit card account, including that we’ll be changing how we treat some cash-like transactions. As you’ve made one or more of these transactions recently and may do in future, I’m writing to remind you this change will happen from 15 October 2021.
They’ll include:
Sending money orders or wire transfers (other than balance transfers or money transfers).
Buying coins, bank notes or digital currency.
Paying government or court fines, enforcement penalties, fees or costs.
Online trading such as share dealing or investments.
Purchasing or topping up electronic money, payment cards, mobile wallets or account dashboard services.

We’ll charge interest if you make them
We’ll charge you interest on these at the Cash transaction rate, which is worked out daily. If you make these transactions, you may see interest charges on your monthly statements even if you usually pay in full each month. You’ll no longer earn cashback on these transactions if you do now.
We may also charge you a Cash transaction fee. And if it’s in a foreign currency, you may also be charged a non-sterling transaction fee. See your statements for more details.

Idk, wording, style doesn’t seem legit

@Curve_Marie @Social_Adam Do Curve seriously still not have anything to say on this?

It is a legitimate communication. The text about the changes appears on their credit card statements as well.

@Social_Adam @Curve_Marie Are their any comment from Curve about this issue?

Absolutely nothing, reached out via Twitter and was completely ignored it. Admittedly I did reach out via my business handle.

Curve do seem to have a key business objective to be completely and utterly useless at any sort of communication with their stakeholders!


This is very true, the thread I started a year ago Distinct Lack Of Support completely highlights this.

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It really does. And they still insist on merging every new thread anyone creates into it, which does nothing but demonstrate their own incompetence…

tbf thats not a bad thing, as its easier to keep things in one place for better community engagement.

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Hi everyone! @Social_Adam and I are looking into this and we’ll update you on what this may mean for Curve customers as soon as we hear back from our payments team. They’re checking this for us now!

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Thanks, it would be great if you could update investors on the impact and what Curve is planning to do about it too.

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I’ve been really impressed with Curve overall and it seems the “big boys” are always trying to take the ball away and not let them play on their field, but it must show they are doing something right to be targeted like this all the time. Fingers crossed as this is a service I really don’t want to lose.

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These transaction types can be identified using MCCs. There is nothing to suggest that LBG/MBNA will single out Curve as a merchant and start treating Curve transactions differently.

So I would guess that conventional retail purchases via Curve will continue as they are now, but using Curve for manufactured spending or to pay off another credit card will be subject to the new T&Cs based on the MCCs of these transactions, just as with many other credit cards.


I disagree, hence posting here asking Curve for clarification.

The changes to the LBG T&C include:

Purchasing or topping up electronic money,

Curves T&C state:

When you make a transaction using your Curve card, Curve (with your permission) loads funds from your selected payment card to Curve, this is done for you automatically by the Curve processing system (no hassle to you). The amount loaded will be the value of the transaction, plus any fees for that transaction (including for any Curve services provided).
The loaded funds are used to issue e-money, which is loaded onto your Curve e-money account and is then used to pay for the transaction made with your Curve card.

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