Lloyds Banking Group T&C changes

It really does. And they still insist on merging every new thread anyone creates into it, which does nothing but demonstrate their own incompetence…

tbf thats not a bad thing, as its easier to keep things in one place for better community engagement.

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Hi everyone! @Social_Adam and I are looking into this and we’ll update you on what this may mean for Curve customers as soon as we hear back from our payments team. They’re checking this for us now!

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Thanks, it would be great if you could update investors on the impact and what Curve is planning to do about it too.

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I’ve been really impressed with Curve overall and it seems the “big boys” are always trying to take the ball away and not let them play on their field, but it must show they are doing something right to be targeted like this all the time. Fingers crossed as this is a service I really don’t want to lose.

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These transaction types can be identified using MCCs. There is nothing to suggest that LBG/MBNA will single out Curve as a merchant and start treating Curve transactions differently.

So I would guess that conventional retail purchases via Curve will continue as they are now, but using Curve for manufactured spending or to pay off another credit card will be subject to the new T&Cs based on the MCCs of these transactions, just as with many other credit cards.


I disagree, hence posting here asking Curve for clarification.

The changes to the LBG T&C include:

Purchasing or topping up electronic money,

Curves T&C state:

When you make a transaction using your Curve card, Curve (with your permission) loads funds from your selected payment card to Curve, this is done for you automatically by the Curve processing system (no hassle to you). The amount loaded will be the value of the transaction, plus any fees for that transaction (including for any Curve services provided).
The loaded funds are used to issue e-money, which is loaded onto your Curve e-money account and is then used to pay for the transaction made with your Curve card.

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@NFH is right about this. That “e-money” and the “electronic money” mentioned by Lloyds are not the same.

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Why ask Curve about a change to another business’s T&Cs? If you want to find out whether LBG’s new T&Cs will be driven by MCC, then you need to ask LBG, not Curve.

Curve doesn’t use an e-money MCC; it passes through the original MCC from the end-merchant. So how would LBG determine that Curve transactions are e-money?

As any change in the way Lloyds treat Curve transactions week will affect a lot of Curve customers.

As it is @curve-user-569874125 asked Lloyds earlier in this thread and was told it would apply to Curve.

LBG could simply tag all transactions coming from Curve and not use the MCC code - assuming that all their transactions are e-money etc. as per Curve’s T&C


But Curve does sometimes change/map MCCs which could have a potential impact given these changes.

Curve doesn’t remap to 4829 (or 6211) which is the MCC of electronic funds transfer.

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I would like to see the response from Curve really. I don’t trust that a customer service person at Lloyd’s is really significantly enough in the know about the details to be able to make that assertion - they may have just heard the name of a company they didn’t recognise and assumed that it would be because why else would you be checking. They may not know what Curve is or why it’s different to others.


Perhaps no news is good news at the moment, may mean LBG and Curve are hashing this out at a senior level

this is very true, it is just frustrating at no official response.

Exactly. For this explanation to be convincing, LBG needs to explain how the system will determine whether a transaction will be treated at cash. For example, it is implausible that LBG will maintain a list of specific merchant codes (out of millions of merchant codes) to be singled-out as cash as opposed to maintaining a narrow list of cash-related MCCs like other card issuers do.

I just phoned MBNA and asked the question. She told me that it will definitely not be determined by merchant, but by MCC.

I asked her for a list of MCCs to which the new policy will be applied. She tried to get a list from another team, but they told her only examples similar to the letter, not any 4-digit MCCs.

I then referred her to a transaction in which I had used my MBNA card to pay off my Creation bill via Curve, but I didn’t explain what the transaction was. I asked her whether that transaction would be subject to the new policy if it had been made after 15th October 2021, and she confirmed that it would not be. I asked her a second time later in the call, and she confirmed the same again. If this turns out not to be true, then I have her name and the time of the call.

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Sounds like the most sensible way of working these things. Let’s hope that Curve eventually remember how talking works and manage to engage in said activity first with Lloyds and then with us to provide proper clarification…

They never give any feedback to things like that, you really are reading way too much into things! Be patient! This change is still over two weeks away.

You’re lucky to get a reply from Curve customer services when you don’t actually have a problem!

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Are you blaming Curve because they haven’t provided a feedback on something what even MBNA’s customer service doesn’t fully know?

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