Lloyds Banking Group T&C changes

Why? How does this change concerning specific MCCs affect you? Plenty of other card issuers (e.g. Barclaycard) have the same policy.

Why? Because one card issuer (Lloyds Banking Group) starts to do the same as other large card issuers (Barclaycard)? That’s an implausible reason for a mass customer exodus.

Nobody said you did. You really need to stop overreacting to everything you read and hear!

Curve have already said that they will be looking into this.

As such, I suggest we let them come back to us - rather than arguing over merchant codes or anything else

In fairness, for something that for Curve should be a fairly quick phone call, update it’s users and then continue negotiations if needs be, Curve are taking a ridiculously long time to do it…but then I suppose that’s Curve in general - always takes a ridiculously long time to achieve anything!

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I agree, it’s why I’ve cancelled metal and gone to blue. With virtually no intention of ever using the card again, it’ll remain active for potential refunds only. And due to being an investor

This makes no sense. Nothing has changed with Curve. LBG is changing its policy to follow other large card issuers such as Barclaycard. So why not ditch your LBG card and find another underlying card issuer?


Because I have a £40k limit on my card, and 4.9% APR. Not available anywhere else on the market, that’s why!

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It’s true that MBNA gives high credit limits. But you could still put transactions on the affected MCCs on another card. If you can get a £40k limit with MBNA, then you’ll easily get at least a £10k limit from other card issuers.

As for a 4.9% APR, it’s still more costly than other means of borrowing, for example an offset mortgage. It’s not a good reason to use a credit card.

Cannot believe how radio silent Curve have been over this issue, with only 9 days to go.

Curve hasn’t changed anything, so Curve has no question to answer. You need to ask your question to MBNA, who is making the changes. For example, you can refer to a previous Curve transaction on your MBNA statement, and ask whether the same transaction would be subject to the new policy if made on or after 15th October 2021. They will note your question and their answer on your account, which you can refer back to if the answer turns out to be wrong. Expecting Curve to answer a question about MBNA’s policy is unreasonable; ask MBNA.


While I don’t disagree, seems like a very small ask for Curve to actually respond to these concerns with exactly the explanation you’ve kindly given.

If we believe their story that support is working soooo damned hard that we need to wait a month for a response to even a simple enquiry, surely getting basic information like this out there where people may find it (and thus avoid adding to the ticket backlog) would be a win for all sides?

But instead they’re doing ‘humorous’ polls on Twitter. Since they can’t be bothered to do the basics to retain existing customers they might as well find some new ones there I guess?

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Except that @Social_Adam and @Curve_Joel specifically said they are looking in to this and will update everybody twelve days ago.

It cannot be difficult for someone at Curve to talk to someone at Lloyds Banking Group and clarify that their product is going to work as intended - especially considering they said they would.


I dunno, there’s some pretty heavy Twitter poll action going on… those guys must be slammed.

Can you share some links from Twitter here?

Hey @andyk and @DanG, thanks for the extra tag here! I have an update available now and sorry for not looping back sooner, it’s been a busy week. :raised_hands:

The Curve team has confirmed with Lloyds, via Mastercard, that Curve transactions will not be affected by this change from the Lloyds Banking Group. Specifically, the changes to their (Lloyds) T&Cs will only affect the following MCC’s:

  • MCC 4829 (Wire Transfers)
  • MCC 6540 (POI Funding)
  • MCC 6211 (Securities/Brokers/Dealers)
  • MCC 9222 (Fines)

There are no additional rules for POS Entry Mode or even Merchant reflected/considered in the Lloyds Banking Group T&C changes which means the change will miss Curve transactions.


Thanks very much for confirming that :slight_smile: It’s always good to have what we all probably knew confirmed properly in writing!

Shame really that Lloyds don’t bother to be clear about what their own rules mean. Mind you it’s extremely difficult to identify the MCC of a particular merchant anyway.

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Exactly. Curve has done a much better job than LBG at informing consumers of LBG’s new policy.

Despite MCC standing for “merchant category code”, I understand that the MCC varies by transaction, i.e. what the transaction is for, rather than remaining constant for a particular merchant.


I know what MCCs are - I’m just aware that despite many rules being set by them, I’ve never actually seen a credit card provider tell me what MCC was used for a transaction (meaning how are you even supposed to know if you were supposed to be charged a fee or not!?)

This is something that Curve could very usefully show on every transaction. For example, if an end-merchant uses a particular MCC and it all works fine with one underlying card, then you could ask another underlying card issuer how they would handle the same MCC.


I can’t recall who now but I have seen this in the UK before but it’s very rare (I think it happens more in some European countries)

It would be good if Curve showed this information as previously requested at MCC code and/or description shown in transaction details

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