Lloyds credit card unable to verify


Im currently having an issue with my lloyds credit card that whenever I go to verify it I enter my cvc digits and then it shows the lloyds verify page. When I go to click send code on the lloyds section the curve app goes to the homepage or asks for the cvc again. Ive contacted aupport twice and the last one was about a week ago with no response, if I cant get this resolved then curve isnt much use without my credit card being added to it.

Is anyone able to offer some advice? I really need it on for when I go abroad next week.


I’ve also been experiencing this issue tried contacting support over a month ago to no response.

I’m not sure you’ll get an answer unfortunately.

I had the same problem but found another topic on this forum which suggested adding and verifying the Lloyds card using an apple device. I tried that on my Ipad and it worked fine - I can now use the card on my android phone. I still have a support issue outstanding which has been ignored for a few weeks - it’s very disappointing as it’s a known bug with android phones and Lloyds cards!

You legend! This worked for me also thank you!

Curve need to get their act together, they are quite a few bugs that break the experience, I got a response from curve support but i can’t view it as “chat cannot load”.

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