Lloyds Credit Card via Curve Card - Transactions treated as Card Purchase or Cash Advance?

I’m asking if other Curve users have had transactions on their Lloyds Credit Card treated as a purchase as I am hoping or as a cash advance which obviously incurs interest from the transaction date.

The T&Cs seem to indicate that Curve will be treated as a cash advance but I’m hoping someone has already tested this?

Thanks in advance.

Probably worth reading through here as it seems a lot of UK banks are now doing this.

We’ve the Lloyds cashback credit card.

We use it via Curve all the time. Transactions go through fine and earn cashback - no cash fees.

This is for standard in store/online purchases. I can’t comment on fronted transactions as we don’t use Curve fronted.

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I have the Lloyds cash back credit card. All transactions are treated as purchases including fronted ones.
I only had one that was treated as a cash transaction, it was a gift card purchase at Edenred, I just did Go back in time and fees were reversed and no interest was charged

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Thank you @thecremlin and @Daddykay for your positive feedback. I didn’t make it clear that I was only using the card for normal purchases not fronted ones.

@pjw18 thanks for that. It does appear that more and more card issuers are making Curve a ‘special case’ and may start adding fees in which case using it with a credit card will become an issue. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen any time soon.

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