Lloyds not working

Hello all,
My lloyds account gets declined everytime I use it. None of my other cards have ever been declined.
Been into the lloyds account settings and there’s nothing obvious there.

Any ideas?

Check your card settings within the Lloyd’s app?

The last sentence of my op Mate. Looked everywhere and there’s nothing.

Hey @Bettyswolloks, welcome to the Community! :blush:

It’s possible that Lloyds is blocking your Curve transactions. We’re still pretty new (compared to traditional banks) and so the fraud or risk team may have put a block on transactions.

I would recommend getting in touch with our support team so they can check your account, they can confirm if that’s the case or if there’s any other issue on our end.

You can message them through your app, by emailing support@curve.app or by sending a DM to AskCurve on Twitter!

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