Local currency by default

One of the main benefits of the Curve is the exchange rate. So when I need currency to be converted, I want Curve to do it, not the seller. And even more, when I don’t really need the conversion.

What am I talking about? Curve card is issued in UK, but I am living in Ireland, so my local currency is EUR and most of my cards and accounts are issued in EUR. But some card machines detect the Curve card issued in UK and offer me to pay in GBP with a terrible exchange rate. Of course in this case I don’t need the conversion since the payment should be in EUR and the underlying card is issued in EUR, but the retailer doesn’t know it. Most of the time I am asked to decided between EUR and GBP, but sometimes the seller makes the decision for me or simple make a mistake, and like yesterday I pay 39.21€ as the conversion of 34.66GBP for a purchase of 36.40€, this is almost 8% more!!! and that extra 8% is not coming to Curve nor even to the seller, but to the Bank the shop is using. Unfair.

But something similar happens when I am abroad. I think local currency is always the best option, the cheaper, specially if Curve is doing the exchange.

So the question is: is there any way to set the curve card to always, by default, choose the local currency when paying?

Not sure if technically possible, but it would be great.


My card was issued as a Euro card and never asked for currency conversion. Maybe Curve issued your card as GBP by mistake?

Good question, I will need to ask them to confirm.

But the idea still stands for when you use it abroad, I would like to use always the local currency, not “my” card issued currency.

Revolut said months ago that it was working with MasterCard on a solution to always charge local corrency. Don’t know if its active

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When card is issued in UK, some merchants/systems automatically (wrongly) assume that default currency is gbp. Such behaviour depends on country. In Latvia I never seen DCC or processing in other currencies than EUR on any non-local cards. Purchases here are prossesed always in EUR, regardless which country card is issued.

this would definitely be useful!


Agree I’d like this - I’m not sure how much it’s in Curve’s gift though - the card processing suppliers are pretty keen on DCC as it’s always such rubbish value it must net them plenty of cash so I’d imagine they do everything they can to push it on the customer!

Hey @JesusM!

Unfortunately, Dynamic Currency Conversion on the payment terminal is not something that Curve has any control over. It’s the individual merchants that have this implemented on their payment terminals to give you the choice of which currency to pay in. You can set the currency of your payment cards in the Curve app but this won’t affect whether you’re given the choice of DCC at the payment terminal.

When using your card abroad, whether at an ATM or directly with a retailer, your withdrawal or spend amount may be presented in GBP, as well as the local currency. If this happens, we would recommend opting to withdraw or spend in the local currency.

The screen you see will vary from one ATM or retailer to another, but typically you will be shown an amount in GBP and will be asked if you would like to “continue with conversion” or words to that effect. In almost all cases, choosing this option will be unfavourable and will cost you money.

When using your Curve abroad in a different currency, we usually recommend setting the currency to what your bank account is normally set to. This allows Curve to convert the currency for you at a rate that is usually more favourable than your bank’s exchange rate.

Changing your card’s currency to the local currency is beneficial when you have a multi-FX card or a card with no conversion fees.

I hope this helps to clarify a few things and thanks for bringing it up! It’s something we’ve been looking in to! :+1:

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I think something similar happened to me when using PayPal a few months ago. I made a purchase in EUR but for some reason, PayPal made the conversion to US$ but I only realised that once I checked Curve, because PayPal shows me the purchase in euros €
Maybe that’s a different problem but I was also charged more than it should (5€):cry: But the Curve team already helped me with that :wink:

Yes, I always try to use the local currency. The exchange rate is better if done by Curve or even by my own bank than when it is done by the merchant, but sometimes the merchant makes a mistake and doesn’t ask me :sweat:

Anyway, if that is not possible I will try to be aware of it and always tell the merchant I want to use the local currency before they have time to decide.

Agree - I asked a merchant to reverse and recharge in local currency when I pointed it out that I hadn’t asked for DCC.

I agree. This would be awesome feature, as most of the time it is very easy to click wrong button( and choose GBP when abroad) or the waiter/cashier chooses the convertion for you ( it happened to me in Spain).

Any chance of issuing a prepaid card? Maybe work with MasterCard to offer no DCC despite the Curve card being classified as debit?

Hi it would be nice if curve would code the cards for specific country’s.
Way would this be better ? once your limits would be in your local currency i don’t know how it appears to all of you but for me limits are in GBP honestly that would be my fault wen i order the card i sow something with currency but i went next next like a moron how ever i doubt it would have RON currency. As for the DCC is not present in Romania however i did experience problems on some online stores telling me if im from romania i need a romanian card to use and i don`t want my bank to handle the exchange rate.

Could you please use some interpunction? You might have a valid point, but your post is very hard to understand.

sorry english is not my first language.
Simply put the cards should be coded for specific country, if you check the bin code for curve card it appears as UK card. All so the limits in my app appear in GBP and I m from romania.
I cant pay using the curve card on some sites because they see the curve card as a UK card and me from romania so refuse to accept the card. They suspect that i stole the card basically and refuse it.
Relay simple
If your from UK you get an UK coded card with UK bin and currency (GBP)
I`m from Romania RO i get an RO coded card with a RO bin and currency (RON)
and so on for other country’s.
You can check how the card is coded here https://binlist.net/ i found this site to be the most precise. Even my revolut card appears from romania.

Thank you for the clarification. For a solution for the country issue you are talking about, you can vote here (country specific cards/bins):

In my app limits are in GBP too and I am from the Netherlands. So this is not the case because of you doing something wrong during registration.

Thank you for the link i have voted for it.

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same here, i am on euro account, but on Limit I see GBP. is this normal ?

on some ATM I get DCC , on POS machine no. @Curve_Liz

It depends on the ATM and POS i try to withdraw EURO from euro net ATM that list EUR on them as currency and i don`t get the option, it only allows RON.